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American West

Title Author Call Number
American West Michael Malone and Richard Etulain AMW-14
Bridger Country Wallace V. Shurtleff AMW-16
Conversations with Pioneer Men Fred Lockley AMW-26
Conversations with Pioneer Women Fred Lockley AMW-25
Gendered Justice In The American West Women Prisoners in Men's Penitentiaries Anne M. Butler AMW-28
Ghost Towns of the West Lambert Florin AMW-23
Harvey Girls Lesley Poling-Kemps AMW-19
Hunting Pioneers 1720-1840 Robert John Holden AMW-22
My Folks Claimed the Plains Virginia Haggert and Dorothy Harvey AMW-24
Our New West Samuel Bowles AMW-15
Personalities of the West and Midwest 1979 American Biographical Institute AMW-12
Personalities of the West and Midwest 1982 American Biographical Institute AMW-13
Pioneer Children on the Journey West Emmy E. Werner AMW-27
Pony Express or Blazing The Westward Way William Lightfoot Visscher AMW-29
Red Trails and White Bonnie Ball AMW-17
Scattered People An American Family Moves West, A Gerald McFarland AMW-29
Smithsonian Guide to Historic America Jerry Dunn AMW-18
Travels in the Interior of America 1809-1811 Reuben Gold Thwaites AMW-21
We'll All Go Home in the State Robert A. Bennett AMW-20
Women of the West Cathy Lee Luchetti AMW-31
Women's West, The Susan Armitage & Elizabeth Jameson AMW-30
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