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18 Dec 2009
Abridged Biography and Genealogy Master Index 1988 Barbara McNeill REF-bio-41
Abridged Biography and Genealogy Master Index 1988 Barbara McNeill REF-bio-42
Abridged Biography and Genealogy Master Index 1988 Barbara McNeill REF-bio-43
American and English Genealogies in the Library of Congress 1919 Library of Congress REF-bio-36
American Blue-Book, Herringshaws Thomas William Herringshaw REF-bio-15
American Family History 1984   REF-bio-47
Chambers Biographical Dictionary 1962 J. O. Thorne REF-bio-01
Chambers Biographical Dictionary 1970 J. O. Thorne REF-bio-02
Chambers Biographical Dictionary 1986 J. O. Thorne REF-bio-03
Concise Dictionary of American Biography 1964   REF-bio-48
Dictionary of American Biography III Allan Johnson REF-bio-19 v. 3
Dictionary of American Biography Index I-XX Dumas Malone REF-bio-33 index
Dictionary of American Biography IV Allan Johnson REF-bio-20 v. 4
Dictionary of American Biography IX Dumas Malone REF-bio-24 v. 9
Dictionary of American Biography V Allan Johnson REF-bio-21 v. 5
Dictionary of American Biography VII Allan Johnson REF-bio-22 v. 7
Dictionary of American Biography VIII Dumas Malone REF-bio-23 v. 8
Dictionary of American Biography X Dumas Malone REF-bio-25 v.10
Dictionary of American Biography XI Dumas Malone REF-bio-26 v.11
Dictionary of American Biography XII Dumas Malone REF-bio-27 v.12
Dictionary of American Biography XIII Dumas Malone REF-bio-28 v.13
Dictionary of American Biography XIX Dumas Malone REF-bio-32 v.19
Dictionary of American Biography XVI Dumas Malone REF-bio-29 v.16
Dictionary of American Biography XVII Dumas Malone REF-bio-30 v.17
Dictionary of American Biography XVIII Dumas Malone REF-bio-31 v.18
Dictionary of American Biography XXI Supplement 1   REF-bio-34 v.21 sup 1
Encyclopedia of American Biography 1931   REF-bio-13
Encyclopedia of American Biography 1977   REF-bio-14
Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography I Dan L. Thrapp REF-bio-16
Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography II Dan L. Thrapp REF-bio-17
Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography III Dan L. Thrapp REF-bio-18
Genealogies Cataloged by the Library of Congress Since 1986 Library of Congress REF-bio-35
Genealogies in the Library of Congress Bibliography Complement 1981 Library of Congress REF-bio-40
Genealogies in the Library of Congress Bibliography Supplement 1976-1986 Library of Congress REF-bio-39
Genealogies in the Library of Congress Bibliography Volume I A-J 1972 Library of Congress REF-bio-37
Genealogies in the Library of Congress Bibliography Volume II K-Z 1972 Library of Congress REF-bio-38
Genealogy Annual, 1995 Thomas J. Kenp REF-bio-11
Index to American Genealogies Joel Munsell's sons REF-bio-10
Marquis Who's Who Publication - Index to All Books 1977   REF-bio-49
National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Index   REF-bio-12
Webster's Biographical Dictionary 1943 Webster REF-bio-04
Websters Biographical Dictionary 1957 Webster REF-bio-45
Webster's Biographical Dictionary 1966 Webster REF-bio-09
Webster's Biographical Dictionary 1974 Webster REF-bio-07
Webster's Biographical Dictionary 1983 Webster REF-bio-08
Who's Who Among Living Authors of Older Nations 1932   REF-bio-46
Who's Who in the West, 1969-1970, United States and Canada Marquis REF-bio-50
Who's Who on the Pacific Coast 1949 A. N. Marquis Co. REF-bio-44
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