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Title Author Call Number
American Library Directory 2000-2001 Vol. 1   REF-dir-31
American Library Directory 2000-2001 Vol. 2   REF-dir-32
American Newspaper Annual and Directory 1921   REF-dir-14
Ayer Directory of Publications 1983 Ayer Press REF-dir-18
Bibliographic Checklist of African-American Newspapers 1995 Barbara K. Henritze REF-dir-25
Directory of American Libraries with Genealogical and Local Histories 1988 P. William Filby REF-dir-13
Directory of Cemeteries and Funeral Homes in Washington State 1990   REF-dir-33
Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers 1979 Vol. 1 Margaret L. and Harold C. Young REF-dir-01
Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers 1979 Vol.2 Margaret L. and Harold C. Young REF-dir-02
Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in the United States 1961 Philip M Hamer REF-dir-27
Library Guide to the LDS Family History Library Johni Cerny and Wendy Elliot REF-dir-34
National Faculty Directory 1980 Vol 1 A-Kunr Gale Research REF-dir-23
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections 1975 Library of Congress REF-dir-13.2
New York Public Library Desk Reference 1993   REF-dir-29
Newspaper Genealogical Column Directory 1979 Anita Cheek Milner REF-dir-21
Newspaper Genealogical Column Directory 1987 Anita Cheek Milner REF-dir-22
Newspaper Genealogies Column Directory 1996 Anita Cheek Milner REF-dir-26
Newspaper Indexes 1977 Anita Cheek Milner REF-dir-19
Newspaper Indexes Volume II 1979 Anita Cheek Milner REF-dir-20
Newspaper Research C. Lloyd Hosman REF-dir-22.1
Newspapers Rates and Data 1992   REF-dir-24
Special Collection in the Library of Congress 1979 Annette Melville REF-dir-13.1
WPA Historical Records Survey 1980   REF-dir-28
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