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1693 Census Swedes on the Delaware Family Histories of The Swedish Lutheran Church Members Residing in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West New Jersey & Cecil County Md. 1638-1693 Peter Stebbins Craig REF-mig-02
Anglo-Americans in Spanish Archives Lawrence H. Feldman REF-mig-10
Directory of Scots in Australasia 1788-1900 David Dobson REF-mig-06
Early Settlers of the Bahamas and Colonists of North America Talbot Bethell REF-mig-12
French Colonists and exiles in the United States J. G. Rosengarten REF-mig-09
Genealogies of Barbados Families From Caribbean And The Journal of The Barbados Museum and Historical Society James C. Brandow REF-mig-01
Huguenot emigration to America Charles W. Baird REF-mig-13
Huguenot genealogical research Charles M. Franklin REF-mig-13
Original Scots Colonists in Early America 1612-1783, The David Dobson REF-mig-03
Original Scots Colonists of Early America Caribbean Supplement 1611-1707 David Dobson REF-mig-08
Passports of Southeaster Pioneers 1770-1823 Dorothy Williams Potter REF-mig-11
Scots in the Carolinas 1680-1830 David Dobson REF-mig-04
Scots in the West Indies 1707-1857 David Dobson REF-mig-07
Scots on the Chesapeake 1607-1830 David Dobson REF-mig-05
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