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Title Author Call Number
1900 Scrip, Vol 1, Abbott-Boiley Gail Morin NA-34
1973 The People Speak Indian Affairs Task Force NA-18
1978 Are You Listening Neighbor and The People Speak Indian Affairs Task Force NA-19
After the trail of tears, the Cherokees; struggle for sovereignty, 1839-1880 William G. McLoughlin NA-ch10
American Indian Resource Materials in the Western History Collections - University of Oklahoma Donald L. DeWitt NA-21
American Indians of the Northwest Tacoma Genealogical Society NA-no01
Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology 1884-1885 Smithsonian Institution NA-05
Are You Listening Neighbor? Indian Affairs Task Force NA-17
Bibliography of the Blackfoot Hugh A. Dempsey and Lindsay Moir NA-bl01
Bibliography of the Catawba Thomas A. Blumer NA-cat01
Bibliography of the Chickasaw Anne Kelley Hoyt NA-chi01
Bibliography of the Osage Terry P. Wilson NA-os01
Bibliography of the Sioux Jack W. Marken Herbert T. Hoover NA-si01
Black Indian genealogy research, African American ancestors among the five civilized tribes Angela Y. Walton-Raji NA-37
Bookman Guide to the Indians of the Americas Richard A. Hand NA-13
Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 30, Part 2 Smithsonian Institution NA-06
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Dee Brown NA-24
Cartographic Records of Bureau of Indian Affairs National Archives NA-29
Census roll of the Old Settler Party of Creeks. Index to the "Old Settlers Roll" Larry S. Watson NA-cr02
Cherokee blood (tsa-la-gi-yi gi-gv). Volume III Shirley Hoskins NA-ch11
Cherokee Connections Myra Vanderpool Gormley NA-ch09
Cherokee Emigration Records 1829-1835 Larry S. Watson NA-ch05
Cherokee Old Settler roll 1851 Larry S. Watson, compiler NA-ch12
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Robert Penn Warren NA-nep03
Choctaw Academy Official Correspondence 1825-1841 Joe R. Goss NA-cho01
Creek by Blood, Vol 1 Jacqueline Walker Hines NA-cr01
Cry of the Eagle Forest C. Wate NA-ch06
Daughters of the Land Margaret Felt NA-16
Delaware and Shawnee admitted to Cherokee citizenship and the related Wyandotte and Moravian Delaware Tni Jollay Prevost NA-38
Destruction of California Indians Robert F. Hiezer NA-ca01
Dictionary of the American Indian John Stoutenburgh, Jr. NA-11
Dispossessing the American Indian Wilbur R. Jacobs NA-15
Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory, Vol 1 B. S. Graves NA-ch03
Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory, Vol 2 B. S. Graves NA-ch04
Following the Nez Perce Trail Cheryl Wilfong NA-nep01
Footsteps of the Cherokees Vicki Rozema NA-ch13
For honor and country, the biography of Ned Roy Hamilton NA-ch21
Georgia Indian Depredation Claims Donna B. Thaxton NA-ge01
Gill's Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon John Gill NA-32
Guide to Cherokee Documents in Foreign Archives, Native American Series, No. 4 William Anderson and James Lewis NA-ch01
Guide to Cherokee Documents in Foreign Archives, Native American Series, No. 7 Paul Kutsche NA-ch02
Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest Robert H. Ruby and John Brown NA-26
Handbook of North American Indians Smithsonian Institution NA-07
History of the Chippewa and Ottawa Indians in Michigan Andrew J. Blackbird NA-chi02
History, myths and sacred formulas of the Cherokees, containing the full texts of Myths of the Cherokee, 1900, and the Sacred formulas of the Cherokees, 1891 James Mooney NA-ch14
How to research "a little bit of Indian" Afton E. Reintjes NA-39
Index for the Ten Year Treasury of the Cherokee Studies 1976-1986 Gary Carden & Joan Greene, compilers NA-ch18
Index to Civil War service records - Watie's Cherokee regiments Marybelle W. Chase, transcriber NA-ch15
Index to payment roll for Old Settler Cherokee,1896 Marybelle W. Chase, transcriber NA-ch16
Index to the 1835 census of the Cherokee Indians East of the Mississippi Felldin & Tucker NA-ch17
Indian and intruders. [Volume I] Sharron Standifer Ashton, compiler NA-40
Indian and intruders. Volume III Sharron Standifer Ashton, compiler NA-41
Indian and the White Man Wilcomb E. Washburn NA-14
Indian Reservations - A State and Federal Handbook Confederation of American Indians NA-09
Indian Tribes, A Continuing Quest for Survival U.S. Commission on Civil Rights NA-08
Indian wills, 1911-1921, records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, book 1 Jeff Bowen NA-45 v.1
Indian wills, 1911-1921, records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, book 2 Jeff Bowen NA-45 v.2
Indians and Intruders in Central California 1769-1849 George Harwood Phillips NA-ca02
Indians of Puget Sound, UW Publications in Anthropology, Vol 4, No 1, Sep 1930 Hermann Haeberlin and Erna Gunther NA-no04
Indians of the North Pacific Coast Tom McFeat NA-31
Indians of the Pacific Northwest Robert H. Ruby and John Brown NA-no02
Indians of Today Marion Gridley NA-10
Introductory guide to the Indian-related records to 1876 in the North Carolina State Archives Donna Spindel NA-42
Kinsmen through time, an annotated bibliography of Pottawatomie history R. David Edmunds NA-pot01
Kiowa, Comanche, Apache - Beginning American Indian Genealogy Genealogy Department Lawton Public Library NA-33
Leschi - Last Chief of the Nisqualies Cecelia Svinth Carpenter NA-no06
List of Documents Concerning the Negotiations of Ratified Indian Treaties 1801-1869 National Archives NA-25
Manitoba Scrip Gail Morin NA-35
Man's Rise to Civilization as Shown by the Indians of North America from Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State Peter Farb NA-22
McKenney-Hall Portrait Gallery of American Indians James D. Haran NA-28
Memoirs of Chief Red Fox Chief Red Fox NA-si03
Muckleshoot Families Pat Noel NA-mu02
Muckleshoot Indian History Muckleshoot Tribal Council NA-mu01
Muckleshoot Testimony   NA-mu03
My Family Tells This Story Snow Flower NA-30
Names and claims of Creek Indians, who moved at their own expense, 1830-1840. Index to the Stidham Roll, 186 Larry S. Watson NA-cr03
Nanticoke - The Indians of North America Frank. W. Porter III NA-na01
Nations remembered, an oral history of the Cherokees, Chickasaw, Choctaws, Creeks, and Seminoles in Oklahoma, 1865-1907 Theda Perdue NA-43
Native Americans of North America David Perkings and Norman Tanis NA-12
Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. NA-nep02
North American Indian tribes, excluding Five Civilized Tribes, a bibliography of the collections in the Oklahoma Historical Society Nancy L.; Laub, Jean LaR. Miller, compilers NA-44
North American Indians Royal B. Hassrick NA-20
Only the Names Remain, Vol 4, Goingsnake District, Indian Territory, Oklahoma Sandi Garett NA-ch08
Oral History of Tahlequah and the Cherokee Nation (Voices of America) Deborah L. Duvall NA-ch22
Our Native Americans and Their Records of Genealogical Value, Vol 1 E. K. Kirkham NA-02
Our Native Americans and Their Records of Genealogical Value, Vol 2 E. K. Kirkham NA-03
Pequots in Southern New England Laurence Hauptman and James Wherry NA-pe01
Satanta - The Life and Death of a War Chief Charles M. Robinson III NA-ki01
Senate Doc #512 - Correspondence Concerning the Removal of Pottawattamie, Cherokee, Seneca, Wea, and Choctaw Indians Larry S. Watson NA-27
Sioux Indians - Personal Property Claims Rogue Valley Genealogical Society NA-si04
Sioux Life and Customs of a Warrior Society Royal B. Hassrick NA-si02
Student's Guide to Native American Genealogy E. Barrie Kavasch NA-01
Ten Year Treasury of Cherokee Studies- Volume1   NA-ch19 v.1
Ten Year Treasury of Cherokee Studies- Volume11   NA-ch19 v.2
Ten Year Treasury of Cherokee Studies- Volume111   NA-ch19 v.3
Ten Year Treasury of Cherokee Studies- Volume1V   NA-ch19 v.4
They Say the Wind is Red, Alabama Choctaw Jacqueline Anderson Matte NA-cho02
They Walked before- Indians of Washington State Cecelia Svinth Carpenter NA-no03
Tragedy of Leshi Ezra Meeker NA-no05
Trail of tears, the rise and fall of the Cherokee Nation John Ehle NA-ch20
Twana, Chemakum, and Klallam Indians of the Washington Territory Rev. Myron Eells NA-36
Vital Information from The Guion Miller Roll, 1906-1909 Billy Dubois Edgington and Carol Anne Buswell NA-ch07
We Saw the Sun Dance Sheila Hart and Vada Carlson NA-23
Wounded Men, Broken Promises Robert Klein NA-04
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