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Title Author Call Number
American College of Surgeons 1928   source-65
American Expansion - a book about maps Sale and Karn source-29
American Heritage Dictionary of English Language   source-26
American Naturalization Processes and Procedures, 1790-1985 John J. Newman source-63
American Place Names of Long Ago Gilbert S. Bahn source-48
Analyzing a Family Group Sheet Nancy Ellen Carlberg source-63.1
Ancestry family historian's address book, a comprehensive list of local, state, and federal agencies and institutions and ethnic and genealogical organizations Juliana Szucs Smith Source-97
Archives, a guide to the National Archives Field Branches Loretto Dennis Szucs & Sandra Hargreaves Luebking source-79
Atlas of American History James Truslow Adams source-27
Bibliography of County Histories in 50 States Clarence Stewart Peterson source-52
Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1961   source-01
Black's Law Dictionary 4th edition   source-09
Book of Ancient Lights, a handybook of words and terms Anita Peterson source-10
Cartographic Records of National Resources Planning Board   source-30
Compendium of Historical Sources, 1983 Ronald Bremer source-24
Courthouse Research Nancy Ellen Carlberg source-63.2
C-R-C Attorney Directory 1977   source-67
Dewey Decimal Classification, 9th Abridged Edition   source-25
Dewey Decimal Place List US and Canada Nancy Ellen Carlberg source-25.01
Dictionary of English costume, 900-1900 Cecil Everitt Cummington, Phillis Cunnington, Charles Beard Source-95
Dictionary of genealogy [England] Terrick V. H. Fitzhugh Source-94
Directory of Census Information Sources   source-78
Directory of Lumber Industry 1939 The Timberman source-66
Directory of US Dentists 1888 Patsy R. Page source-64
Family and Local History Handbook- The Genealogical Services Directory   source-00
Family History Made Easy- workbook on how to discover your family history and use the internet Lynda Fay Katers source-76
Federal Land Series, a calendar of archival materials on the land patents issued by the United States Government, with subject, tract, and name indexes. Volume 1: 1788-1810 Clifford Neal Smith source-45 v.1
Federal land series, a calendar of archival materials on the land patents issued by the United States Government, with subject, tract, and name indexes. Volume 2: 1799-1835 Clifford Neal Smith source-45 v.2
Federal land series, a calendar of archival materials on the land patents issued by the United States Government, with subject, tract, and name indexes. Volume 3: 1810-1814 Clifford Neal Smith source-45 v.3
Federal land series, a calendar of archival materials on the land patents issued by the United States Government, with subject, tract, and name indexes. Volume 4, Part 1-2: Grants in the Virginia military District of Ohio Clifford Neal Smith source-45 v.4
Fundamentals of Land Measurements   source-36
Genealogists Address Book Elizabeth Petty Bentley source-18
Genealogy Online Elizabeth Powell Crowe source-70
Genealogy Vocabulary aids Dorothy Lzaelle Williams source-11
Grassroots of America: a computerized index to the American state papers, land grants and claims, 1789-1837 Phillip W. McMullin, editor source-90
Guide to genealogical research in the National Archives of the United States, 3rd edition NARA Source-98
Guide to History of Cartography   source-37
Guide to Reference Books Constance M Winchell source-08
Handy guide to record searching in the larger cities of the United States [includes maps] E. Kay Kirkham source-82
Handy Guide to Research and Organization John Heisey source-75
Handybook for Genealogists, 6th Edition   source-13
Handybook for Genealogists, 7th Edition   source-14
Handybook for Genealogists, 8th Edition   source-15
Handybook for Genealogists, 9th Edition   source-16
Handybook for genealogists, United States of America. 11th edition   Source-16.2
Immigrant nation: United States Regulation of immigration, 1798-1991   Source-92
Inheritance in America, from Colonial times to the present Carole Shammas, Marylynn Salmon, and Michel Dahlin Source-91
International Vital Records Handbook 3rd edition Thomas Jay Kemp source-23
Keys to the Courthouse Volume 1 Jurisdictions Charles M. Franklin source-72
Keys to the Courthouse Volume 2 Records Charles M. Franklin source-73
Keys to the Courthouse Volume 3 Unusual Records Charles M. Franklin source-74
Land and Property Research in the US E. Wade Hone source-46
Land Ownership Maps Richard W. Stepheson source-43
Map guide to American migration routes 1790-1920 William Dollarhide source-28
Map Guide to U.S. Federal Census 1790-1920 William Thorndale and William Dollarhide source-31
Map of Federal lands Manasseh Cutler source-47
Mapping the West, America's westward movement 1524-1890 Paul E. Cohen Source-93
Maps can help you travel your family tree, how to use maps in genealogy   Source-96
Names of the Land George R. Stewart source-49
New York Public Library Desk Reference   source-84
No Death Certificate Now What? Nancy Ellen Carlberg source-63.4
No Marriage Certificate Now What? Nancy Ellen Carlberg source-63.3
Official Guide to rootsweb.com   Source 99
Owner Unknown J. D. Segel source-39
Petition to Partition Land Records Marjorie Waterfield source-40
Planting your family tree online, how to create your own family history web site Cyndi Howells source-80
Printed Source - guide to published Genealogical Records   source-20
Redbook, American state, county, and town sources. 3rd edition, 2004 Alice Eichholz Source-19.3
Redbook-American State, County and Town Sources. Revised 1992 Alice Eichholz source-19
Research in the Land Entry Files of the General Land Office   source-47.1
Researchers Guide to Homestead and other Federal Land Records   source-38
Searching American Probate Records Fran Carter source-62
Social Security Applications: A genealogical Resource Desmond Wall Allen and Carolyn Earle Billingsley source-63
Solving America Pedigrees - Land and Tax Records   source-77
Soundex reference guide   source-33
Source - a guidebook to American Genealogy Arlene Eakle & Johni Cerny source-21
Source - a guidebook to American Genealogy, revised edition   source-22
Sourcebook of County Court Records, a concise, straightforward, and informative reference manual to the main and secondary repositories of American county court house records   source-85
Sourcebook of federal courts US District and bankruptcy, the definitive guide to searching for case information at the local level within the federal court system   source-86
Sourcebook of local court and county record retrievers, the national guide of information retrievers who pull files and documents from US, state and local courts and from county agencies   source-87
Sourcebook of State Public Records, the definitive guide to searching for public record information at the state level   source-88
State census records Ann S. Lainhart source-32
Substitutes from vital records Fran Carter source-83
Surveying Your Land Charles E. Lawson source-35
Tax Records - a common source with an uncommon value Arlene Haslam Eakle source-41
This and That Genealogy Tips Shirley Hornbeck source-71
Township Atlas of the US, 1991 Jay Andriot source-50
Townships and Legal Description of Land Charles Butler Barr source-44
US County History Catalog   source-51
US Local Histories in the Library of Congress Volume 1 Marion J Kaminkow source-02
US Local Histories in the Library of Congress Volume 2 Marion J Kaminkow source-03
US Local Histories in the Library of Congress Volume 3 Marion J Kaminkow source-04
US Local Histories in the Library of Congress Volume 4 Marion J Kaminkow source-05
US Local Histories in the Library of Congress Volume 5 Marion J Kaminkow source-06
US Official Postal Guide Part l July 1953 U S Post Office source-58
US Postal Service Directory of Post Offices 1975-76   source-59
Using Maps in Genealogy US Dept of Interior source-61
Webster's Geographical Dictionary 1949 Webster source-54.9
Websters Geographical Dictionary 1967   source-55
Websters Geographical Dictionary 1977   source-56
Websters Geographical Dictionary 1988   source-57
Weight, money and other measures used by our Ancestors Colin R. Chapman source-34
What did they mean by that, a dictionary of historical terms for genealogists Paul Drake source-89
Your guide to cemetery research Sharon DeBartolo Carmack source-81
Zip Code Directory 50 States   source-60
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