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United States History

Title Author Call Number
1787 The Grand Convention Clinton Rossiter hist16
Alone Richard Byrd hist43
American Guide - Lake and Plains states H. G. Alsberg hist23
American Guide - Middle and Atlantic States H. G. Alsberg hist20
American Guide - Mountain States and West Coast H. G. Alsberg hist21
American Guide - South and Southwest H. G. Alsberg hist22
American Image - Photographs from the National Archives 1860-1960   hist38
American Legend - Folklore from Colonial Period Richard M. Dorson hist37
American Life in the 1840s Carl Bode hist39
American Nation History to 1877 John A. Garraty hist25
America's Colonial Heritage Patricia C. Acheson hist29
Annals of America   hist19
Beacon Lights of History John Lord hist10
Beard's Basic History of the U.S. Charles and Mary Beard hist11
Constitution of the United States   hist02
Curious Punishments of Bygone Days Alice Morse Earle hist35
Democratic Experience American History   hist24
Encyclopedia of American History   hist13
Epochs of American History Formation of The Union 1750-1829 Albert Bushnell Hart hist17
Famous Colonial Houses Hollister hist45
Famous Men and Great Events of the 19th Century Charles Morris hist48
Farm to Factory - Women's Letters 1830-1860 Edited by Thomas Dublin hist54
Federal Union John D. Hicks hist14
Federal Union Hick, Mowry, and Burke hist15
Forgotten Minority Ruth Holland hist44
Formative Years 1607-1763 Clarence L. VerSteeg hist03
Gold and Where They Found It Cy and Jeannie Martin hist46
Great Epochs in American History Francis W. Halsey hist08
Historian A Journal of History, The   hist26
History of American People Vol. 1 Harry J. Carman hist28
History of the 20th Century 1900-1933 Martin Gilbert hist60
History of the United States Wilbur Fiske Gordy hist07
History of the United States Age of Exploration 1865 Hugh T. Lefler hist27
History of the United States Volume 1 E. Benjamin Andrews hist04
History of the United States Volume 2 E. Benjamin Andrews hist05
History of the United States Volume 6 E. Benjamin Andrews hist06
Inquires into American History - Middle Colonies -New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania James I. Clark hist30
James Patton and the Appalachian Colonists Patricia Givens Johnson hist31
John Paul Jones - Ben Franklin - Benedict Arnold Rev. H. L. Bates hist09
Journal of American History   hist61
Journal of Southern History August 1983   hist56
Massacre at Mackinac 1763 David A. Armour hist33
Messages and Papers of the Presidents Volume 3 Bureau of National Literature hist49
Midland Monthly Volume VII June 1897   hist57
Nation Register of Historic Places 1966-1988   hist50
Nearby History David E. Kyvig and Myron A. Marty hist47
New Lands New Men William H. Goetzmann hist41
Northwest Ordinance 1787 Robert M. Taylor hist58
Saints and Strangers - Lives of Pilgrims George F. Willison hist42
Seedtime on the Cumberland Harriette Simpson Arnow hist32
Spanish in the Mississippi Valley 1762-1804 John Francis McDermott hist34
Timetables of American history Laurendce Urdang, editor hist62
Tour Guide to Old Forts of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota Herbert M. Hart hist52
Trans-Mississippi West, 1804-1912.Part II: a guide to records of the Department of Justice for the Territorial Period Robert M. Kvansnicka, compiler hist63
United States John Clark Ridpath hist12
United States History 1600-1987 United States Department of Justice hist18
United States-Canada Boundary Treaty 1846-1946   hist01
Voyagers to the West Bernard Bailyn hist36
Year of the Century - 1876 Dee Brown hist40
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