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Title Author Call Number
American Blue Book of Funeral Directories 1981 The American Funeral Directors REF-vr- 7
Cemetery Record Compendium John and Diane Stemmons REF-vr- 3
Cemetery Relocation by the US Army Corps of Engineers St Louis Gen. Society REF-vr-15
Marriages of some American residents and guide to documents, volume V Yates Publishing REF-vr-16
Obituaries on File Volume I Felice Levy REF-vr- 1
Obituaries on File Volume II Felice Levy REF-vr- 2
Old Southern Bible Records Memory Aldridge Lester REF-vr-13
Stranger Stop and Cast an Eye G. Walker Jacobs REF-vr- 9
Tombstones of Your Ancestors Louis Schafer REF-vr-11
Understanding and Using Baptismal Records John T. Humphrey REF-vr-14
Vital Records Compendium John and Diane Stemmons REF-vr-12
Where They're Buried Thomas E. Spencer REF-vr-10
Yellow Book 1987 Nomis Publications, Inc. REF-vr- 4
Yellow Book 1992 Nomis Publications, Inc. REF-vr- 5
Yellow Book 1998 Nomis Publications, Inc. REF-vr- 6
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