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Main Surname Title Author Call Number
1780-1986 family descendants of Manche, Chappuis, Bey, Fabr Robert Bartel Fa 1
French, German, and Swiss Links in Pennsylvania - descendants and Ancient Ancestors, Bertsch, Dreisbach, Heller, Hecker, Siegfried, Sassaman, Strohl, Thom, Troxel L. Wesley Argo Be-16.1
History of a family Bible 1685-2000 William Arnold O'Malley Dr-02.2
Mathews family history, descendants of John Laughlin Mathews, St. 1828-1895 Nathan Mathews Mathews
Some Days from Virginia Jesse H. Day Da-08
They Are Your Ancestors Too Hazel J. Cameron Ad-03
ABRAMS Ancestors of Our Children Maynard Abrams W/Gertrude Ab-02
ABSTON Eight Generations plus of the Abston, Dolan, Smoot, White families Verna Abston Ab-04
ADAMS Adams Chronicles Jack Shepard Ad-02
ADAMS Adams family James Truslow Adams Ad-01
ADAMS Adams family AGRI ADAMS 03
ADAMSON Adamson Project Vol. One May 1985 Malcom J. Adamson Ad-02.3
ADAMSON Ancestral Lines of Roy Leonard Adamson Jr. and Eleanor Adamson Cory H. T. Cory Ad-02.2
ADAMSON Benjamin Adamson From England to America About 1800 and Some of His descendants Eliza Hayden Adamson Ad-02.1
AHRENDSEN From Survival to Arrival, mostly about the Wallace family Frances Wallace Ahrendsen Ah-02
AHRENS Letters to Alice O. Ahrens Smith Smith, James Ah-01
AHSENMACHER Civil War Diary of a Minnesota Volunteer, Henry Ahsenmacher 1862-1865 Ahs-01
ALBORN Reverend George Clarence Alborn and His Pastoral Records Jean Larson Peddle Alb-01
ALEXANDER Alexanders of Cannon County, Tennessee Covering 1848-1989 Plus Some Earlier Vera B. Andrews Alex-02
ALEXANDER/APPLING Alexanders of Montgomery County, Missouri W. K. Alexander Alex-01
ALLEN Allen Genealogy, descendants of Ralph Allen Through His Sons George and Samuel Hugh S. Austin All-03
ALLEN Allen's of Little Egypt Hardy Lee Hiram Allen All-01
ALLEN Kindred Familes, Allen, Brewer, Gordon, Grayson, Hopson, Sammons, Talbot and Tapp Irene Aldridge Williams All-02
ALLEN Prairie girl, memoirs of the Midwest Bess Allen Donaldson ALLEN 04
ALLRED Harvey and Beedie Allred of Carter County, Oklahoma Vol. 1 Marjorie Kathleen (Allred) Falek All-04
ALRICHS Peter Alrichs - New Castle Merchant Indian Trader, Plantation Owner and Politician C. A. Weslager Alr-01
AMES Ghost of the Past Book 1 Jim C. Ames Am-02
AMES Ghost of the Past Book 2 Jim C. Ames Am-03
AMES Samuel Ames family John Kimball Am-01
AMICK My family of Amick, Ame, Amey, Emich, Emig, Emigh and Emmerich Lt. Col. Barbara J. Nichols Am-04
AMSDEN Ancestors and descendants of Jonathon Nichols Amsden and Amelia Jane Smith 1636-1977 with related families Bernice Amsden Warnick Ams-01
ANDERSEN Impossible Dream Alan H. Andersen And-01
ANDERSEN Life Story of Harold Peter Andersen Dorothy V. Westphal And-02
ANDERSON Anderson story. Leoline Eaton Anderson, Evaline Maud Anderson Fribley,James Edward Anderson and their families Evelyn Eda Anderson Baird, Lloyd Edward Anderson ANDERSON 04
ANDREWS Andrews family AGRI ANDREWS 01
ANDRUS John and Grace (Rood) Andrus of Chelsea, Vermont Elizabeth Duncan Lee And-03
ANTL Antl and Schuerger families of Metzenseifen Duncan Gardiner Ant-01
ANTLEY Southern families: One Man's Search for Roots Eugene Brevard Antley Ant-02
APTE Heart of a wife, the diary of a Southern Jewish woman Helen Jacobus Apte Apte-01
ARASMITH Some Information About Arasmiths, Arrasmiths, Arrowsmiths Jessie H. Day Ara-01
ARMSTRONG An Armstrong Ancestry John Edward Armstrong Arm-02
ARMSTRONG Ancestry, descendants of Daniel F. Armstrong and Sarah Nutter Evelyn Crawford Fenton Ar-02.1
ASHCRAFT Ashcraft family descendants of Daniel Martha Ashcraft Neal As-01
ASHER All Asher families William A Barnard As-02
ASTOR Astors, a family chronicle of Pomp and Power Lucy Kavaler As-03
AUSTIN Austin-Herndon and allied families Green/Downs Au-01
AVERY Tree Grows in Kansas, Kansas descendants of the Dedham Branch of the Avery family Martha Wreath Streeter Av-01
AYCOCK Louisania descendants of Simon Aycock 1783-1981 Albert L. Aycock Ay-01
BAILEY Ancestors of Stuart Meade Bailey [microfiche] Brenda Bond Bailey BAILEY 01 fiche
BAILEY Bailey genealogy. Part two. Account of John Bailey of Salisbury and some of his descendants Abbie F. Ellsworth BAILEY 02
BAKER Baker family genealogy and allied families: Dunn, Gourley, Russell Ralph D. Shipp Bak-03
BAKER Baker family records J Montgomery Seaver Bak-02
BAKER Baker genealogy, Peter Baker of New York 1767-1822 and his descendants. Volume one: Peter Baker Emerson R. Baker, compiler Bak-01
BAKER Genealogical record of the Moses Baker family 1708-1979 Dorothy Merrifield Bak-04
BAKER Journey across plowed ground, being a partial account of the ancestry and descendants of Joel Baker, soldier of the Revolution Elizabeth M. Edmunds BAKER Joel
BALBACH Balbach family history including Balbac, Balback, Balbaugh, Ballbach, Ballback William J. Balbach Bal-00
BALL John Ball of Lee County, Virginia, and his descentants, Bell County, Kentucky, Harlan County, Kentucky William Woodson Hoskins Bal-01
BALL Slaves in the family Edward Ball BALL-02
BANKS Nathaniel Butler Banks and Anna Barbara Artman, ancestors and descendants Gladys Deever Ban-01
BANKS Nathaniel Butler Banks and Anna Barbara Artman, Ancestors and descendants, 1991 Supplement Gladys Deever Ban-02
BANTAS Bantas of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, Their Ancestors and descendants Joan England Murray Ban-04
BARBER Family book: Barber, Faure, Levasseur, Marshall Annamae Barber Chandler Bar-01.5
BARBER History of the Barber's of Java, New York Raymond G. Barber Bar-02
BARBER Sixty-seven Years of Barber family Renuions Gary E Swinson Bar-01
BARNARD Barnard families Bill Barnard Bar-03
BARNES Ancestry of Fanny Barnes and Her Husband Thomas Knight Brian J. L.Berry, Ph.D. Bar-04
BARNES Barnes Bulletin 2.0 volume 1-7 Vol. 1-3 John A and Judy K Dye Vol. 4-7 Judy K. Dye BARNES 02, v.1-7
BARNES Barnes family in West Virginia I. A. Barnes BARNES 01
BARNETT Descendants of William Barnett 1679-1762 James Duffy Barnett Bar-05
BARSHINGER Barshingers inAmerica, a genealogical history of Barshinger families in America since 1775 Stephen Harold Smith, compiler BARSHINGER
BASSETT Bassett family of Yarborough BASSETT 01
BATCHELDER Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy Frederick Clifton Pierce Bat-01
BEALL Alexander Beall 1649-1744 of Maryland William Hunter McLean Be-01
BEARDS Story of the Beards and Barths Frances (Beard) Burrows Be-02
BECK Beck family Book 1700-1989, Norway - USA Ole J. Lokberg and Jewel Beck Lansing Be-05
BEDWELL Bedwell family Larry King Be-06
BEECHER Saints, sinners, and Beechers Lyman Beecher Stowe BEECHER 01
BELL Bell family AGRI BELL 01
BELL Bell family history J. Montgomery Seaver BELL 02
BENDER Bender- Bainter- Painter, Smith and the allied families of Phillipson- Marino -Alioto Joseph Linn Marino Be-08
BENNET Bennet family Mintie Allen Royse Ben-01
BENNET William Adriaense Bennet, descendants and related families Kenneth A. Bennett Be-11
BENNINGTON Bennington bulletin, quarterly newsletters for Bennington family researchers Bennington-01
BENTON, BISHOP Caleb Benton and Sarah Bishop Charles E. Benton Be-12
BERGSTRESSER v.1 Bergstresser family in America Volume 1 Wayne V Jones Be-12.1
BERGSTRESSER v.2 Bergstresser family in America Volume 2 Wayne V Jones Be-12.2
BERNER Story of John and Margaret Berner and Their Eight Children Berner Bridge Heidi L. Dowling Be-13
BERRY Berry family of New Jersey Brian J. L.Berry Be-14
BERRY Concluding Discoveries - Berry Brian J. L.Berry Be-15
BERRY family of Elija Berry VA., Ala. And Tex. 1700-1980 Lynn Berry Hamilton Be-16
BEUTLER Descendants of Felix Beutler and Margaritha Von Niederhausern Myndie A. Stillion Beu-01
BEVERLY Genealogy of Gilman Pilsbury Beverly and John Winn Maxwell Alan W. Martin and Virginia Burke Bev-01
BEVILLE Pioneering in America with the Beville family, Volume II Asselia Lichliter and Frank H. Pierce Bev-02
BEYERLEIN Beyerlein Beginnings Douglas Beyerlein Bey-01
BIGELOW Bigelow family Genealogy Six generations of descendants of John Beglo, 1617-1703, of Watertown, Massachusetts, Volume 1 Bigelow Society Bi-02
BIGELOW Bigelow family Genealogy, Seventh and eighth generations of John Biblo, 1617-1703, of Watertown, Massachusetts Volume 2 Bigelow Society Bi-03
BILLS Bills Pennsylvania Research Kerry, W Bate Bi-01
BINKLEY Binkley family Walter L. Sonan Bi-04
BIRD Early Birds in the Northwest, 100 years of Western history from Jacques Raphael Finlay to Dutch Jake Goetz Rowland Bond Bir 01
BISHOP Bishop family BISHOP 01
BIXEL Bixel family history -Decendants of Abraham Bixal and Magdalena Schumacher 1843-1984 Betty A. and Oscar R. Miller Bi-05
BLACKBURN Our families and Kin, Now and Then, Blackburn, Franck, Leake and Thornton Arline Tatum Lorente Bl-02
BLAIR Blairs of Balthayock and Their Cadets 1150-1850 Anne Groome, Jack Blair, Noel Blair McCullough Bl-06
BLAIRLIN Blairlin II and Blairtrees Preston E. Groome Bl-04
BLAIRLIN Blairlin III with Blairtrees Preston E. Groome Bl-05
BLAKE Ancestry of Edward Wales Blake and Clarissa Matilda Glidden with Ninty allied families Edith B. Sumner Bl-01
BLAKE Descendants of Jasper Blake Carlton E. Blake Bl-03
BLAKELY Blakely family history Earlene Y. Bradley Bl-03.1
BLANTHORN Parish registers, wills and administrations, etc., on the Blanthorn family of England. George A. Blanthorn BLANTHORN
BLETHEN Raise hell and sell newspapers, Alden J. Blethen and the Seattle Times Sharon A. Boswell and Lorraine McConaghy BLETHEN-01
BOGARDUS Anneke Jans Bogardus and Adam Brouwer William Brower Bogardus Bo-01
BOGART Bogart family Marge Waterfield Bo-02
BOIES Descendants of David Boies Betty Boies and Violet Wells Bo-03
BOIES Genealogy of Boies family of Pennsylvania Robert Boies Sr. Bo-04
BONNER Bonner, Brown, Boswell family history Southeast Alabama Era Travis Jackson Hagler Bo-09
BOOKER Booker and Brown Lydia Booker Passow Bo-11
BOON Boon Genealogy 1984 Rupert Farnham Thompson Bo-05
BOON Thomas Boon Immigrant Died 1723 Rupert Farnham Thompson Bo-06
BOONE Heritage and Heros Dorothy Boone Tryon Bo-08
BOONE Nathan Boone Carole Bills Bo-07
BOOTH Booths in history John Nicholls Booth Bo-08.1
BORDEN Richard Borden of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and his descendants H. F. Johnston BORDEN 02
BORDEN Trial of Lizzie Borden Edmund Pearson Bo-10
BOSECK Boseck family history Evelyn Brown and Yvonne Krehbiel Bo-12
BOSLER Bosler - The French Connection Stan Bosler Bo-13
BOSSHARDT Descendants of Jacob Bosshardt and Barbara Sophia Busch Leland F. Bosshardt BOSSHARDT 01
BOUCHER Genealogy And history of Jacques Thimothe Boucher Sieur De Monbreun and his ancestors and descendants Kathryn De Monbreun Whitefort Bo-14
BOUNDS Brief history of the Bounds family - Alabama Mary Sharp Bo-15
BOURAY Descendants of Louis Bouray Delores Bouray Hilton Bo-16
BOWEN Samuel Bowen and his descendents BOWEN
BOWMAN Bowman and Gue families William Hurley Bo-17
BRADEN Braden family Reunion, 1932 Grace Braden Gibas Br-01
BRADFIELD Bradfield genealogy, descendants of John and Mary Harmer Bradfield of Bucks County, Pennsylvania; with notes on Zachariah Bradfield of Prince William County, Virginia, and other miscellaneous Bradfields Donald G. Armstrong Bradfield-01
BRADLEY family Notes Respecting the Bradley family of Fairfield [Connecticut] and Our Descent Therefrom Joseph P. Bradley Br-01.1
BRADSHAW Bradshaws, Then and Now Peggy Bradshaw Miller Br-02
BRAINERO Ancestors of Ossian Hatch Brainero and Mary Hulbrud Goodrich Berwyn Thomas Br-04
BRANDENBURG Brandenburg families William Neal Hurley, Jr Brandenburg-01
BRASHEAR Brashear family history Charles Brashear Br-05
BRECKINRIDGES Breckinridges of Kentucky, 1760-1981 James C. Klotter Breckinridge-01
BRESSMAN Note on Jacob Bressman, Brussman, Brossman Schuyler Bressman Br-03
BREWER Dutch-English Odyssey - Brewer and Estey Floyd Brewer Br-06
BREWSTER Pilgrim - A Biography of William Brewster Mary B. Sherwood Br-06.1
BROKL Saved by a can of beans Chestmir Frank Brokl BROKL
BROWN Ancestors and descendants of Matthew and Jane (Jones) Brown Earl. R. Brown Br-09
BROWN Brown Ancestry Patricia Brown Darling Br-08
BROWN Descendants of James Brown Senior 17__-1833 who settled in Augusta county, Virginia, between the South River and the Great Road that ran from Waynesboro to Greenville to Lexington Virginia Edwin Beecher Brown BROWN 11
BROWN Descendants of Matthew and Jane Jones Brown Earl R. Brown Brown-01
BROWN Descendants of William Brown, 1819-1908, and Isabella Kennedy, 1820-1894, of Ireland, Scotland and Hampton Falls, New Hampshire Wilma T. Regan, Laird C. Towle Br-11
BROWN Elihu Brown, 1797-1860+, from North Carolina to Indiana, the descendents of Elihu Brown and Jane Brockus (Brackus), Elihu Brown and Eleanor Hamilton, beginning in Tippecanoe county and Boone county, Indiana Phyllis D. Mitchell, compiler BROWN 05
BROWN Grandmother' Brown's hundred years, 1827-1927 Harriet Connor Brown BROWN 10
BROWN, LARGENT, BROCKUS Mary Jane (Brown) (Largent) Brown 1823-1881+ from Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, daughter of Elihu and Jane (Brockus) Brown and the decendants of Mary Jane Brown and Jacob L. Brown, Addendum, 1998, 1999, 2000. Supplement to Elihu Brown, 1798-1982 from North Carolina to Indiana Phyllis D. Mitchell, compiler BROWN 05 suppl
BRUNK Inventory of the Ralph Chaplin Collection Donna Lee Moore Farris and Patricia Grace Moore Stigen Br-13
BUNNELL Bunnell and allied families John England Murray Bu-01
BURGEE Joab Waters Burgee family Thomas Burgee Sanders Burgee-01
BURGESS Burgess / Amos Otis. Library of Cape Cod history and genealogy. No. 46 BURGESS 01
BURNS Burns family history J. Montgomery Seaver BURNS 02
BURNS Personal recollections of Harrison Burns as written in 1907 BURNS
BUSH Your heritage, Bush and Sneed Estelle Clark Herdeg Bu-05
BUTLER Thomas Butler and his descendants George H. Butler Bu-06
BUTTERFIELD Alice Butterfield, Johnson County, Missouri Veda Goodnight Jones and Mabel Goodnight Stevenson Bu-07
BYE Bye, friendly heritage along the Delaware; Taylors of Washington Crossing and some allied families in Bucks County Arthur Edwin Bye By-01
BYERS Descendants and forebearers of James Kuykendall Byers And Ary Ann Burch A Southern family Norma Y. Harris Garbert By-02
BYRAM Byrams in America John Arnold Byram By-03
BYRD Byrd family of Franklin County, Virginia with Bradley, Dillon And Perdue Lines Linda B. Nezbeth By-04
CABELL Cabells and their kin Alexander Brown Ca-01
CALLISON History and genealogy of Gilmore Callison and descendants Ethel L. Briggs Ca-02
CALOF Rachel Calof's story, Jewish homesteader on the Northern Plains J. Sanford Rikoon, editor CALOF
CAMERON Cameron, allied Kinze and Warth families; a family hierarchy in Canada and the United States of America, 1619-1971 C.E. Cameron Ca-04
CAMPBELL Arthur Campbell, Pioneer and Patriot of the "Old Southwest" Hartwell L. Quinn Ca-05
CAMPBELL Campbell and Rea families Florence LeVan Spicer Ca-06
CAMPBELL Campbell family history Gwen Campbell Ca-07
CAMPBELL John and Mary Lunny Campbell, Dane County, Wisconsin Stephen C. Gilmour Ca-08
CAPERS Descendants of William Capers and Richard Capers and related families Dorothy K. MacDowell CAPERS 01
CARBAUGH Carbaugh, Harrelson, and Wells Ruth Coward Cunningham CARBAUGH
CAREY Carey family history Clifford Marion Carey Ca-09
CARLEY Carley - Harrington Shannon Bridget Murphy Ca-10
CARMACK Carmack family genealogy Charles W. Peckham Sr. Ca-10.1
CARPENTER Carpenter Chronicles Carpenter-01
CARR Carr family, extracted from friends, family of Upper Bucks Clarence V. Roberts CARR 01
CARTER Cousin Beedie and Cousin Hot - Carter Hugh Carter Ca-11
CARY Cary family in England and America Brian J.L.Berry Ca-12
CARY Colonial Cary's Dorothy F. and Arthur H. Vollertsen Ca-13
CASSE Descendants of John Casse ( -1675) Hampton, New Hampshire Donald J. Berry Ca-14
CASSEL Cassel Genealogical history: An Every Name Index Albert Edwards Cassel-01
CHAMBERLAIN Our Chamberlain Cousins Elene Wagner Ch-01
CHANDLER Chandlers found in the 1850 Kentucky Census Anne Long, extractor CHANDLER-01
CHANDLER Discovering Chandler Lines, 1475-1996; in Tennessee Death Records, 1908-1944 Annamae Barber Chandler CHANDLER-02
CHANDLER John Chandler Descendent Chafrt Book, 1600 to Present, volume 1 James Booth Reeves, Jr. CHANDLER-03 v.1
CHANDLER John Chandler Descendent Chafrt Book, 1600 to Present, volume 2 James Booth Reeves, Jr. CHANDLER-03 v.2
CHANDLER John Chandler Descendent Chart Book Index James Booth Reeves, Jr. CHANDLER-03 Index
CHAPLIN Inventory of the Ralph Chaplin collection Washington State Historical Society Ch-03
CHASTAIN Chastain Chestnut Tree, The Chastain-01
CHAUINARD Chouinard Famille Histore et Genealogie Imprimerie Franiscaine Missionaire Ch-06.1
CHENNAULT Thousand Springs Chennault Anna Chennault Ch-04
CHEW, Tozour, Lee, Robinson, Jennings Maternal records, paternal and miscellaneous records. Chew family, Tozour, Lee, Robinson, Jennings and allied families Pearl Tozor Chew CHEW
CHITTENDEN H. M. Chittenden, a western epic; being a selection from his unpublished journals, diaries and reports Bruce LeRoy Ch-05
CHITWOOD Family of Squire and Mary Wray Chitwood Margaret C. Pope Ch-05.1
CHIVINGTON My Mothers People - Chivington Patricia Kinney Kaufman Ch-06
CHRISTENSEN Carl Harvey Christensen, A history And Genealogy Lenna B. Christensen Ch-07
CHRISTMAS Eight Generations after Thomas Cross Christmas (1690-1769) of Hanover County, Virginia Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie Christmas-01
CHURCH American ancestry of L. Warren Church I, covering 44 New England settler families including Karner, Younglove, Belden, Kellogg, and Terry Warren Church, Glenn W. Church CHURCH L. WARREN
CHURCHILL Churchill family in America Part 2 Gardner Asaph and Nathaniel Wiley Churchill Ch-07.2
CHURCHILL v.1 Churchill family in America Part l Gardner Asaph and Nathaniel Wiley Churchill Ch-07.1
CLARE Baronial family in medieval England, the Clares, 1217-1314 Michael Altschul CLARE
CLARK Clarks from Pennsylvania and allied families From Early 1700's To 1984 Eunice Newbold Clark Cl-00
CLARK Ebenezer Clark family history Audria Clark CLARK Ebenezer
CLAYCOMB Genealogy of the Claycomb(e) family Mary Alice Claycombe Adney Cl-01
CLAYTON George Clayton 1810-1861 Roots And Shoots Gloria H. Jensen Cl-02
CLEGG Cleggs of Old Chatham W. Harold Broughton Cl-03
CLORE Before Germanna, the ancestry of the Clore, Kaifer and Thomas families No 2 January 1990 Gary J. Zimmerman, Johni Cerny Clore 01
COAN Coan Genealogy 1697-1982 Peter And George of East Hampton, Long Island, And Guilford, Connecticut With Their Descendents In The Coan Line As Well As Other allied Lines Ruth Coan Fulton Co-01
COATS My Coats family Neva Maxene Coats Staples Co-02
COBB Cobb Chronicles, An Overview of the Clan John E. Cobb, Jr. Co-03.1
COBB Cobb of Owen County, Kentucky Edgar L. Morgan, D.D With Additions And Editing by Mariam S. Houchens Co-03
COCHRAN Chronicles of the Cochrans. Volume 2 Ira Cochran Haughton COCHRAN 01 v.2
COFFIN Coffin family Louis Coffin Co-05
COFFIN History of Coffin, Shockney, Wasson, Lindberg, Joves families Judith Stoleson Co-04
COGSWELL Cogswell and Gay Co-06
COGSWELL, HALDEMAN Cogswell-Haldeman, the ancestors and the descendants of Asa Ferris Cogswell and Arovine Haldeman Cosgwell, with allied lines Helen Cogswell Trostel COGSWELL 02
COHEE Cohee and Collison Mrs. Joseph E. Chance Co-07
COLLADAY Jacob Woodward Colladay and His descendants Wayne V. Jones Co-08.1
COLVER Colver-Culver family Genealogy Valerie Dyer Giorgi Co-09
Colvin Colvin, Oregon Pioneers Stephen O. and Nancy K. Stout Co-10
COMEGYS family Tree Of George Comegys (1838-1904) Nancy Hughes Co-11
COMINS Descendants of John Comins (ca. 1668-1751) and His Wife Mary, of Woburn and Oxford, Massachusetts and Windham County, Connecticut Abbott Lowell Cummings Comins-01
COMPTON Compton 1634-1984 Delton D. Blalock Co-12
CONKLING Conkling-Prosch family Thomas W. Prosch Co-13
COOK Autobiography of Melvin Cook Co-14.1
COOK Cook family history J. Montgomery Seaver Co-14
COOK Cook's Crier Vol. XX No. 3 Cook-1
COOK Echoes from Andrew and Anna "The Cook Embrace" Volume 1 Frederick Cook and Kathyrn Ellen May Cook Co-15
COOK Echoes from Andrew and Anna "The Cook Embrace" Volume 2 Frederick Cook and Kathyrn Ellen May Co-16
COOL Barent Jacobsen Cool family Richard H. Benson Cool-01
COOPER 7 Cooper Brothers and 3 Sisters, Children and descendants of J. C. and M. P. Cooper Co-18
COOPER Beginnings - Thomas Cooper of Springfield, Mass Agnes Cooper And John Bradley Cooper Co-19
COOPER Cooper Collection Kinseekers Pub. Cooper-01
COOPER Diary of Mary Cooper, Life on a Long Island Farm 1768-1773 Co-19.1
COOPER William Armstrong Cooper 73 Years a Baptist Preacher Asher L. Young Co-17
COPELAND Copeland of Moore County, North Carolina John W. Copeland Co-21
COPPAGE Missouri Cousins A. Maxim Coppage III Co-21.2
CORBELL Corbell data, status as of 1 January 1993, with brief genealogies of some allied families: Crenshaw, Yoast, Smith, Head, Hemphill, Sorrell, Hough, Collier. Some other allied families briefly mentioned: Mason, Strong, Covey, Nolan, Freeman, Pickard, Schooler, Whitehead, Davis, Le Baron, Maxey Eugene Davis CORBELL-02
CORBELL v.1 Corbell data, status as of 1 August 1992, Version II, Some allied family names briefly included: Crenshaw, Yoast, Covey, Head, Freeman, Smith, Hemphill, Sorrell, Hough. This versionh contains only Crenshaw and Corbell data Eugene Davis CORBELL-01
CORBIN Europe on a dollar a day [reminisces of author's European tour] Bud Corbin CORBIN 01
CORNELL Descendants of Brownell Cornell Jesse H. Day Co-20
CORNWALL Database for Dr. Edward Everett Cornwall's William Cornwall and his descendants, CORNWALL suppl
CORNWALL William Cornwall and his descendants, a genealogical historyof the family of William Cornwall, one of the Puritan founders of New England, who came to America in or before the year 1633, and died in Middletown, Connecticut, in the year 1678 Edward E. Cornwall CORNWALL
CORY Cory family, a genealogy Harry Harmon Cory CORY 01
COTTAR Patrick Cottar of Pictou county, Nova Scotia and his descendants John H. Fullerton COTTAR-01
COWAN Foibles-Fun-Flukes-Facts in the Life of Robert G. Cowan Robert Cowan Co-22
COWART Ancestry and Descendents of John Cowart 1816-1882 Kyser Cowart Ptomey Co-23
COWART Once Upon a County Doctor Dick Turner Co-21.1
COWDREY Cowdrey-Cowery-Cowray Genealogy William Cowdrey of Lynn, Massachusetts, 1630 And His descendants Mary Bryant Alverson Mehling Co-26
COX Cox family from Caswell County Betty Cox Collie and Virginia Cox Smith Co-25
COX From the Banks of the Dan A. Cox family Genealogy Avis E. and Marion R. Cox Co-24
CRABB Crabb family Volume 1 Richard Dwight Prall CRABB-01
CRABB Crabb family Volume 2 Richard Dwight Prall CRABB-02
CRADY David Crady, Kentucky Pioneer Crady-01
CRAFT Ancestors and descendants of Maude Craft of Letcher County, Kentucky Including allied families Gary R. Lewis Cr-01
CRAMER Descendants of the Cramer family Betty Lou Finks Cra-01
CRAQCROFT Lady Franklin visits Sitka, Alaska 1870; the journal of Sophia Craqcroft, Sir John Franklin's niece R. N.DeArmond, editor Cracoft-01
CROCKETT Crockett, Casey and Vesser families of Northern Idaho Helen Gould Raffensperger Cr-01.1
CROL Dutch Wills of Antony Crol and Philip Janzsen Ringo Cr-02
CROOK Genealogy of Crook family in America Charles Leavitt Cr-03
CROSS Cross 1808-1984 E. F. Baty Cr-05
CROSS Cross-Thomas 1808-1984 Cr-04
CROW Our James Crow E. Joyce Christianson Cr-06
CROWDER Ancesters and Descendents of George Wylie Crowder and Florence Nevada Maxwell Grace E. Crowder Cr-07
CROWDER William Crowder, Loyalist Norman and Ruth Crowder Cr-08
CROWL Crowl or 24 other ways to spell the family name, with twenty-three connecting lineages and their histories Sabra-Jo Crowl CROWL 01
CRUM Crum family in America Ferris B. Crum Cr-10
CRUMMER Crummer families of the United States and Canada Who Came from Ireland Larry D. Crummer Cr-09
CULLEN Cullens of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Katherine Ann Cullen King Cu 1
CUNNINGHAM Adam and 500 More Cunninghams of the Valley of Virginia, c. 1734-1800 Betty Cunningham Newman Cunningham-02
CUNNINGHAM Arthur Cunningham, About 1755-1829 Ruth Coward Cunningham Cu-03
CURTIS Moses S. Curtis- descendants and Ancestors Mildred Bradford Cu-03.1
CUSACK Clan Cusack, a lost royal Jewish Dalcassian family Paul T. E. Cusack CUSACK 01
CUSACK, ANDERSON, MORAN, ANDERSON, LECLAIR, LAKE, BRODERICK, BROADERS Th. Cusack, Hugh Moran, Daniel McLaughlin, Robert Anderson, Pierre LeClair, Wm. Lake, Wm. Broderick, and James Broaders CUSACK 02
CUTTER Ancestry of Mary Blanchard Cutter Sanford Charles Gladden Cu-04
CUTTER Records of Reverend Edward F. Cutter of Maine 1833-1856 Maine Genealogical Society Cu-02
DAGIT Dagit family Genealogy 1833-1985 Henry Walton Adam, Jr. Da-01
DAGLEY History of the Dagley family, 1713-1986 Larry G. Dagley Da-02
DANIEL Daniel, Gibbs, Dunkin, McDonald, McDowell, Moore Delton Blalock Da-03
DARBY Comfortable Fixed - Judith Morgan Darby Judith Morgan Darby Da-04
DAVIES William H. and Ella Cornelius Davies family Ruth Davies Owens Da-05
DAVIS Davis families of Montgomery County, Maryland William Neal Hurley Da-06.1
DAVIS Days of our Davis Louise Moore Burt Da-06
DAWES Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines Mary Walton Ferris Da-07
DEAL Deal family of Hornbrook, California Joy Deal Lehmann De-02
DEAN Dean Mountain Story Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Dean-02
DEAN Genealogy of Isaac Dean of Grafton, New Hampshire Joshua H. Drummond De-01
DECHANT History and descendants of John Dechant Susan Gallyon Dechant De-02.1
DECHANT v.2 History and descendants of John Dechant Part 2 Susan Gallyon Dechant De-02.2
DEKALB, ENLOWS, BILLINGSLEY, OSGOOD, GREGG, These our ancestors Howard F. De Kalb DeKalb 01
DELANY Having Our Say, The Delany Sisters Sarah and A. Elizabeth Delany De-03
DELATTRE Our Delattre and Wiggins history Thomas E. Davidson De-03.1
DEVORE Devore/DeVore families 1500-1992 Betty M. Mann De-04
DICKERSON Dickerson family history Wilton Harry Dickerson, Sr. Di-01
DIERDORFF Some descendants of Anthony Dierdorff, Jr. Chester A. Peters Die-01
DILDINE Dildine family in America 1709-1850 Marjorie Featheringill Waterfield Di-02
DISNEY Disney's of Stabannon Hugh Disney Di-03
DISNEY Story of Disney's Edward Disney Di-04
DOBBIN John Dobbin of Connagher William J. Foster Dob-01
DODGE Genealogy of the Dodge familyof Essex county, Massachusetts, 1629-1894 Joseph Thompson Dodge DODGE 01
DOMINY Story of The Dominys 1795-1985 Elizabeth E. Dominy Dom-01
DONALDSON Audrey Lorraine Donaldson Don-01
DOST Friedrich Wilhelm Dost family Fred W. Dost III Do-3
DOUGHTERY Dougherty's in America Ruth V. McKee Do-4
DOWNING Life and writings of Major Jack Downing, of Downingville, away down east in the state of Maine Jack Downing DOWNING 01
DRAKE Drake Name, Dragons and Drakes Nancy Drake Hurst Dr-01
DRAKE Jesayas Jansze Drake of New Netherlands Louis S. Drake Dr-02
DREIBELBIS Dreibelbis family 1732-1966 Charles B. Dreibelbi Dr-02.1
DRISKO Drisko-Crocker-Foster Some of the "Coasters" of Maine and New Hampshire Frances Sterling Drisko Dri-01
DROKE Droke family Association Maxwell Droke Dr-03
DUDLEY Dudley Genealogies James Henry Mason Du-01
DUDLEY New Dudley Genealogies, the descendants of Francis, of Concord Rev. Gary P. Dudley Du-09
DULANY Dulany-Furlong and Kindred families Roland Dulany Furlong Du-02
DUNBAR Dunbar family history of Robert Dunbar 1773-1831 Vol 1 Audrey Anita Allen (Minner) Schroeder Compiled And Edited by Audrey Anita Allen (Minner) Schroeder Du-03
DUNBAR Dunbar family history of Robert Dunbar 1773-1831 Vol 2- Audrey Anita Allen (Minner) Schroeder Compiled And Edited by Audrey Anita Allen (Minner) Schroeder Du-04
DUNCAN John Duncan of Cranbury, New Jersey And Some of His descendants Elizabeth Duncan Lee Du-05
DUNN Reverend James Dunn 1732-1823 George W. Anderson, Jr. Du-07
DURBIN Durbin and Logsdon Genealogy with related families Vol 2 Betty Jewell Durban Carson Du-06
DURST Durst and Darst families of America Sanford Charles Gladden Du-08
DUTTON Genealogy of the Dutton family of Pennsylvania … with an appendix containing a short account of the Duttons of Connecticut Gilbert Copy DUTTON 02
DUTTON Leaf from Army Life - Story of Grove Dutton Background And Experiences of A civil War Soldier Dorothy Kincheloe Hendrix Dut-01
DWIGHT bygod Eggleston Englishman and Colonist Benjamin W. Dwight Dw-09
DWIGHT History of descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, MA Volume 2 Benjamin W. Dwight Dw-09.1
DYCKMAN Johannes Dyckman of Fort Orange and His descendants Volume 1 Marjorie Dikeman Chamberlain Dy-01
DYE Dye data, 10 volume index, volumes 1-10 An Index to 5 Different Periodicals John A Dye, Judy K Dye DYE 01
DYE DYE documents John A and Judy K Dye DYE 02
DYE Scrapbook of Emma (Alkire) DYE of Meigs County, Ohio John A and Judy K Dye DYE 03
EALER History of the Ealer family LCDR. Frederick S. Ealer, Ret. Ea 1
EARP Earp family Data Mrs. William Irvin Ea 3
EARP Wyatt Earp Connexions Steven C. Jones Ea 2
EATON Eaton family Association 1890 Ea 4
ECCLES Eccles Ec 1
ECKLEY Records of the Eckley Family in America [folded inside - letters and newspaper articles] Lizzie H. Johns ECKLEY 01
EDMONSTONE Edmonstone Sir Archibald Edmonstone Ed 1
EDWARDS Dear America, survival in the storm; the Dust Bowl diary of Grace Edwards, Dalhart, Texas, 1935 Katelan Janke EDWARDS 03
EDWARDS Miles Lowell Edwards his Ancestors and descendants Margaret and Lowell Edwards Ed 2
EDWARDS Story of Two Tennessee families Edwards - Hyder Ernestine Ratcliffe Edwards Edwards-Hyder
EGGLESTON Bygod Eggleston Englishman and Colonist Dr. Rosalie Eggleston and Linda Eggleston McBroom Eg 1
ELKINTON Elkinton, family Footprints Volume IV David Cope Elkinton El 1
ELLIS Descendants of Ellis family Betty Lou Finks Ell 1
EMERY Genealogical records of descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Mass., 1590-1890 Rufus Emery EMERY 01
ENSIGN Silas B. Ensign, Frontier Doctor Donald D. Ensign En1
ERICSON No Stone Unturned - Record of Carl and Carolina Ericson Martha Wreath Streeter Er 1
EVELYN Evelyn Pedigrees and Memoranda Cecil G.S. Foljanabe Ev 1
EWING Our Ewing Heritage with related families Vol 1 Betty J. Durbin Carson and Doris M. Durbin Wooley Ew 1
EWING Our Ewing Heritage with related families Vol 2 Betty J. Durbin Carson and Doris M. Durbin Wooley Ew 2
EYRING Journal of Henry Eyring 1835-1902 Ey 1
FAHYS Fahys of the Pond, Roger and Nora (Whelan) Fahy Kathleen Fay Field Fa 2
FAILING 18th Century Failing family of the Mohawk Valley David Kendall Martin Fa 4.1
FAIRCHILD Fairchild Footprints Charles R. Luton Fa 3
FAIRCHILD Name and family of Fairchild Timothy Marsh Fairchild Fa 4
FEATHERINGILL Featheringill/Waterfield - Victory Buttons Marge Waterfield Fe 1
FEE History of Various Lines of the Fee family Col. Ralph E. Pearson, USA Ret. Fe 2
FENN Some descendants of Edward Fenn of Wallingford, Connecticut Elizabeth Fenn Balduc Fe 3
FERGUSON Descendants of the Ferguson families Hortense E. Abbot Fe 4
FERGUSON Genealogy of the descendants of John Ferguson: Native of Scotland Arthur B. Ferguson Fe4.1
FETTERS William Fetters (1794-1857) and Mary B Leech: Ancestors And descendants William Brooke Fetters Fe 5
FIDDLER Descendants of Benjamin and Maria (Fosbrook) Fiddler Fiddler - LeOttis A. Hill and Milton U. Wiser Fi 1
FINNEY Descendants of Mother Finney Edward F. Phinney FINNEY v.1
FINNEY Descendants of Mother Finney Edward F. Phinney FINNEY v.2
FINNEY Descendants of Mother Finney Edward F. Phinney FINNEY v.3
FINNEY Descendants of Mother Finney Edward F. Phinney FINNEY v.4
FISHBURN Fishburns John E. Fishburn Fi 2
FISHER Fisher and Beckwith families of Montgomery County, Maryland William Neal Hurley, Jr. Fi/Be-06
FISHER Fisher family FISHER 03
FISHER O.W. Fisher Heritage Herman Steen Fi 3
FITCH Fitch family history John T. Fitch Fi 4
FITCH Puritan in the Wilderness, Biography of Reverend James Fitch John T. Fitch Fi 5
FLANDRAU Flandrau Papers, Treasure Trove for Mixed Blood Dakota Indians Alan R. Woolworth Fl 0
FLEMING In the Shadow of the Water Tower, The Life of Thomas J. Fleming Loretto Dennis Szucs Fl 1
FLETCHER v.1 Diary of Calvin Fletcher Volume 1 Gayle Thornbrough Fl 2
FLINT Flint Genealogy J. Lowrence Bass Fl 4
FLINT Flint Line Fl 5
FLINT Lives and Times of John and Mary (Alley) Flint and their descendants Joy Flint Hurkey Fl 3
FLOWERS House of Flowers 1890-1990 Elissandra N. Roy Fl 6
FORMISANO family Reunion of The Sons And Daughters And Children of Carmine And Anna Maria Formisan Fo-1
FORT Memoirs of the Fort and Fannin families Kate Haynes Fort Fo 2
FOSDICK History of the Fosdick/Fosdyck family James Clarence Fosdyck Fo 2.1
FOWLE Autobiography of Henry Fowle of Boston 1766-1837 Henry Fowle Fo 3
FOWLER Fowlers of Morrisville, New York - A Genealogy of the Fowler and Associated families Albert K. Fowler Notes And Appendices By David H. Kilmer Fowler-01
FOX Early Marriage Records of the Fox family in the United States William Montgomery Clemens Fo 5
FOX Early Marriages of the Fox family in the United States William Montgomery Clemens Fo 4
FRANKS My father's secret way, a memoir Lucinda Franks FRANKS 01
FREDERICKSON Descendants of Nicholas Frederickson 1791-1865 of Belchertown, Massachusetts Dorothea Rose Lazar Fr 1
FREEBURN Our Freeburn ancestors and related families: Shannon, Reid, Henthorn, Jackson, Work, Bower Marian Wise and Mildred Bradley, compilers FREEBURN -01
FRENCH Ancestors and descendants of Samuel French, the Joiner of Stratford, Connecticut Mansfield Joseph French Fr 3
FRENCH Story of Aunt Nancy, Nancy Whitney French 1825-1927 A Pioneer From New York state to Illinois In 1837 Gary E. Swinson Fr 2
FRUCHEY Fruchey family Group Sheets 1724-1980 Marjorie Waterfield Fr 4
FRY Our Maryland Heritage, the Fry families, Book 1 William Neal Hurley, Jr. Fr 5
FRY Our people, a story of the Fry family Edwin Van Sickle FRY 02
FULGHAM Fulgham family of Virginia J. P. (Smiley) Fulgham Fu 4
FULLER Elijah Knapp Fuller family Record Gerald R. Fuller Fu 1
FULLER History of the Fuller family and Other Collateral Lines Jean Fuller Butler Illustrated By Stella Jane Fuller Willis Fu 3
FULLER Old European Progenitors and Mayflower Ancestors of the A. I. F. and Mary Swain Fuller family Jean Fuller Butler Fu 2
FUNFROCK Johannes Funfrock, a Genealogy in Alsace-Lorraine and America Charlene Finfrock Wilcox Fu 5
FURL, MOE Ancestries of a Furl family and a Moe family, from 19th century Norway and Prussia to Wisconsin; from 16th Century Scotland to Pennsylvania to West Virginia to Texas and places in-between and beyond Michael Furl FURL 01
GANT John Gant c.1713-1783 of Virginia and North Carolina; his Life, Ancestry and descendants with Information on Other Early Gant families in America And Europe Clifford L. Gant Ga 1
GARLAND Garland Genealogy, The descendants of Peter Garland 1637 (The Northern Branch) of Peter Garland, Mariner, Admitted Resident of Charlestown, Massachusette Bay in 1637 James Gray Garland Ga 2
GARRIGUES Our Garrigues Ancestors C.H.N. Garrigues Ga 3
GARTON David Garton of New Jersey and Ohio Lura M. Dickson Ga 4
GASTON Gaston, Harvey, Reid, Simonton, Tomlinson Lewis Dwinell McPherson Ga 5
GATES Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines, A Memorial Volume Conatining The American Ancestry of Mary Beman (Gate) Dawes, Volume 2 Gates and allied families Mary Walton Ferris Ga 6
GAUNT Gaunt-Gantt family: Some of the descendants of Peter Gaunt of Sandwich, Massachusetts Mary Chalfant Ormsbee Ga 7
GAY John Gay of Wiltshire, England and The Town of Elba, Dodge County, Wisconsin, And Some of His Descendents in America Grace Gay Sponem Ga 8
GELDERN Families of Geldern and Geldren-Crispendorf (1886-1943) (1890-1960) Walter Geldern-Crispendorf Ge 1
GERBOTH Lives and Ancestry of Clarence Calvin and Jesse Allan Gerboth Dale L. Gerboth Ger 1
GIBLIN Descendants of William and Amanda Giblin Joy Flint Huskey March 1993 Gib 1
GILBERT Gilbert Ed E. Gilbert Gi 1
GILBERT Gilbert family J. Wingate Thornton GILBERT 03
GILLET Our Pilgrim's Progress, The Gillets of Connecticut, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin Julius Ross Gi 2
GILLISS, STELLWAGEN So far from home, an Army bride on the Western frontier, 1865-1869 Julia Gilliss GILLISS
GIVENS Descendants of Some Givens Betty Lou Finks Giv1
GLASCOCK Glas(s)cocks of England and America Lawrence A. Glassco Gl 1
GLEASON Genealogy and descendants of Thomas Gleason, Watertown, Massachusetts Part 1 John Barber White Gl 2
GLEASON Genealogy and descendants of Thomas Gleason, Watertown, Massachusetts Part 2 John Barber White Gl 3
GODDENOW Goodenows Who Originated in Sudbury, Massachusetts 1638 AD Theodore Jones Fleming Banyard Go 3
GOLDEN Golden, Atkinson family Bible transcriptions; Coffman, Wright family Bible transcriptions. Elizabeth Renae Atkinson Carnay Golden 01
GOLLEHON History of the Gollehon family Kenneth L. Sturgill GOLLEHON
GOLLEHON Southern family in the Civil War Kenneth S. Stufgiff GOLLEHON
GOOD Peter Good family Book 1530-1995 Dale K. and Verlene Vaughn Weber Go 1
GOODALE Goodale-Goodell Forebears Helena Goodale Hargrave Go 2
GOODE Virginia Cousins, A Study of Ancestry and Posterity of John Goode G. Brown Goode Go2.1
GOODMAN Ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912), Wife of Learner Blackman Harrison Harrison Black, M.D. Goodman-01
GOODNIGHT William Moore Goodnight of Johnson County, Missouri, 1875-1951 Veda Goodnight Jones and Mabel Goodnight Stevenson Go 4
GORDON Gordon's in Virginia Armistead C. Gordon Go 5
GORTON Ancestors and descendants of Minnie Hale Gorton Carolyn C. Volpe Go 6
GRANT Grant Gleanings Gra 1
GRAY Joshua Gray of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and his descendants Julia Edgar Thacher GRAY 01
GRAY William Gray of Lynn, Massachusetts and some of his descendants Edward Gray GRAY 02
GRAY William Grays n Salem in 1797 Edward Gray GRAY 03
GREAVER History and Genealogy of Greever-Greaver-Griever family of Virginia John Greever Gr 3
GREENE Ancestors and descendants of William Browning Greene and Mary Hoxsie Lewis with allied families William E. Wright GREENE William
GREENE Greene Genealogy Gr 2
GREGGS Quaker Greggs A. S. Gregg Gr 4
GREGORY Baby Grandma Gregory and related families Roy Karl Gr 5
GREY Grey of Fallodon 25 Years 1892-1916 Viscount Grey of Fallodon K.G. Gr 6
GRIFFIN Griffin family Gri1
GRIMES Descendants of Johathan Taylor Grimes Alden R. Grimes Gr 7
GROCE Groce family Newsletter Sandra M. Groce Horner Gr 8
GROVER Sons of Edmund, Some Male Lines from Edmund Grover of Salem and Beverly, Massachusetts 1630-1992 Charles W. Grover Gr 8.1
GUEST Guest-Guess and related families Alta Louise Biggs Gu 1
GUNZENHAUSER Johann George Gunzenhauser There to Here 1807-1982 Mrs. Joyce Kuhnle Gu 2
GUPTIL Guptill Genealogy Mildred L. Jacobsen Gu 3
HABSBURG House of Habsburg, six hundred years of a European dynasty Adam Wandruszka HABSBURG
HACKETT Hackett Hackett family Monitor Hackett-02
HACKETT Hackett William Hackett Problem Hackett-03
HACKETT Hackett Heirlooms Patricia Hackett Nicola Hackett-01
HAINES Richard Haines and his descendants - Vol 2 John Wesley Haines Ha-01
HAIRSTON Hairstons, an American family in black and white Henry Wiencek Hairston, Peter
HAKES Minnesota Hakes Kenneth R. Hakes, Jr. Ha-01.1
Hale Hales family history Evelyn Ruth Hales Dudel HALE 01
HALL Descendants of Joshua Hall and related families, Kentucky Vol 1 Charles W. Hall Ha-01.2
HALL Descendants of Joshua Hall and related families, Kentucky Vol 2 Charles W. Hall Ha-01.3
HALL Hall Twigs from the Hall family Tree Janet King Robinson Bower Ha-01.5
HALL John Hall family from Cootehill, Cavan County, Ireland Juanita Arundell Hall Ha-01.4
HALL Pedigree of Fletcher Garrison Hall Garrison Kent Hall HALL Fletcher
HALLETT Hallett history Janet Smith Ha-02
HAMILTON Genealogy of the Hamilton family From 1716 to 1894, The Compiled By Salome Hamilton HAMILTON
HAMMER Ancestors and descendants 1683-1983 Abraham Hammer of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania and Randolph County, North Carolina Harriette J. Hammer HAMMER 01
HAMPTON In the footsteps of Joseph Hampton and the Pennsylvania Quaker Vernon Boyce Hampton HAMPTON 02
HAMPTON Yesterday the Hampton, McCracken, Longwith, Mabry and Wells families Diana L. Mellen Ha-04
HANAFORD family records of the branches of Hanaford, Thompson, Huckin, Prescott, Smith, Neal, Haley, Lock, Swift, Plumer, Leavitt, Wilson, Green, and allied families Mary Elisabeth Neal Hanaford Hanaford 01
HANCOCK Hancock family in England and America Arvil Dale Hancock Ha-05
HANING Matthew Haning (1730-1807) and descendants James Leslie Haning Ha-06
HAPGOOD Genealogy of the Hapgood family 1656 - 1898 Melvin H. Hapgood Ha-03
HAPPES Swiss Roots: A history of Happes family to 1800 Harrison N. Hoppes Ha-07
HARDESTY Hardesty family in America Irma Hardesty Wesley Ha-08
HARDING Hardings in America Wilber J. Harding Ha-08.0
HARLLEE Kinfolks: William Curry Harllee also Fulmore, Curry, Kemp Volume I William Curry Harllee Ha-08.1
HARLLEE Kinfolks: William Curry Harllee also Fulmore, Curry, Kemp Volume II William Curry Harllee Ha-08.2
HARLLEE Kinfolks: William Curry Harllee also Fulmore, Curry, Kemp Volume III William Curry Harllee Ha-08.3
HARRIS 1904 Diary of Mary Gainer Harris, wife of Joseph Harris, Auburn, Washington Carolyn Fix Blount, transcriber HARRIS Ma
HARRIS Family Bible Records of Nathaniel E., Benjamin A., and James B. Harris Ha-09
HARRIS Five Thomas Harrises of Isle of Wight county, Virginia John A. Brayton HARRIS 04
HARRIS Harris Journal William H. Harris Ha-10
HARRIS Index to New Jersey branch of the Harris family, U.S.A. Sarah J. Harris Keifer HARRIS 05
HARRISON family Odyssey, Ancestors and descendants of Joseph Harrison and Ada Belle (Marsh) Stager Helen A. and Evelyn M. Stager Ha-11
HARRISON Harrisons from Houston County, Texas 1835-1993 and allied families Hilde Shuptrine Farley Ha-12
HARROWER Journal of John Harrower Indentured Servant in Virginia 1773-1776 Edward Miles Riley Ha-12.2
HART History of the Hart, Ritter, Smith, Borland, and Skyles families Marjorie Waterfield Ha-12.1
HARVEY California Gold Rush: Diary of Charles H. Harvey, February 12-November 12, 1852 Edmund F. Ball, annotator HARVEY-01
HARVEY Harveys out of North Carolina-African American Jacqueline E. Alexander Lawson Ha-12.3
HASTY John and Patience Hasty and descendants Warren H. Hasty Ha-14
HATHAWAY Hathaways of America 1970 Edition Elizabeth Starr Versailles Ha-13
HATT Hang on to Your Hatts Dr. William Swasey Hatt Ha-16
HAWKES Hawkes Talks 1969 - 1989 Adam Hawkes family Association, Inc. Ha-20
HAWKES Our Hawkes/Hawks Inventors Susan Hawkes Cook Ha-15
HAWKINS Hawkins Genealogy Supplement, Volume 2 Susan H. and Bayard C. Carmiencke Ha-15.1
HAWKINS Stephen C. Hawkins of Campbell County, Kentucky Sanford Charles Gladden Ha-17
HAYDEN Descendants of John Hayden - Group Sheets 1630-1900 Marjorie Waterfield Ha-18
HAYDEN Hayden Land Deeds 1780-1880 Marjorie Waterfield Ha-19
HAYNES Rogues Island memoir Rod Haynes HAYNES
HAYS Colonel Jack Hays, Texas frontier leader and California builder James Kimmins Greer HAYS 01
HEARL Hearls, Earls, Earles of Northern New England and the Dedcendants of William Hearl of 1655, The Joan Earle Fox He-02.1
HEATH Bartholomew Heath of Haverhill, Massachusetts Valerie Dyer Giorgi He-01
HEATH William Heath of Roxbury, Massachusetts Valerie Dyer Giorgi He-02
HEILMAN Heilman family Genealogy Robert A. Heilman He-06
HEISLEY Descendants of William and Annie Heisley David R. Maneval He-04
HELFERICH Ancestors and descendants of Johannes Helferich Buford Patten Helferich He-05
HEMINGWAY Descendants of Isaac Hemingway, Jr., Addendum Mary E. Hemingway He-08
HENCKEL Henckel Genealogy William Sumner Junkin He-10
HENDRICKER Hendricker and Jockisch history, A Barbara (Lindsay) Cripe He-11
HENDRICKSON Capt. James Ridgeway Hendrickson Virginia Horner Hinds He-09
HENLEY Life and family of W.W. "Bill" Henley 1905-1982 Betty Ann Henley Yowlenweider He-12
HENNING Son, Peter Henning, Jr. David Buerge HENNING 01
HENSHAW History of Henshaw-Hinshaw Origins Gil Henshaw He-12.1
HERBERT Soldier Anthony B. Herbert Lt. Col. Ret. with James T. Wooten He-13
HERR Index to Genealogy Records of Rev. Hans Herr and His Direct Lineal descendants Old Springfield Shoppe He-15
HERSEY Some descendants of William Hersey of Hingham Louise Hersey Loring He-14
HERTZLER Hertzler/Hartzler family history Silas Hertzler He-15.1
HESS Family history of Laura E. Hess and William C. Deer Marya Deer Nill He-16
HICKMAN Hickman family of Bath co., VA Marian Hoge MACkENZIE, James C. Hickman HICKMAN
HICKS Pioneer Reminiscences of Urban E. Hicks Gary Fuller Reese Hi-01
HIGGINS An American family and Its Ancestor Predecessors Back to Adam Through Early American Immigrants of British Extraction According to Past and Present Records Vivian Higgins Morse Hi-04
HIGGINS Supplement to Richard Higgins and his descendants Mrs. Katharine Chapin Higgins Hi-03
HIGHT/ HUNTER Hight and Hunter Heritage 1991 Vivian Jane Hunter Hight Hi-06
HILGEN Hilgen Heirs Alice Schimmelpfennig Wendt Hi-05
HILL Story of Susan Hill and of those who influenced her life Lynn Hill HILL
HINKLEY Ancestry of Mercy Hinkley (1734-1814) Wife of Benjamin Whitney in Maine Hugh A. Johnson Hi-07
HOBBS Joel Hobbs family Ada Hobbs Linville Ho-1
HOCHSTETLER Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler Rev. Harvey Hostetler, D.D. Ho-2
HODAM Journal of James H. Hodam, sketches and personal reminiscences of the Civil War as experienced by a Confederate soldier, together with incidents of boyhood life of fifty years ago James H. Hodam HODAM 01
HOFFER Matthias Hoffer family 1743-1986 Audrey Gates Risser Ho-04
HOFFMAN Hoffmans in America Volume 1 Ruth V. McKee Ho-05
HOLCROFT William Holcroft His Booke Local Office-holding in Stwart Essex J.A. Sharpe Ho-07
HOLDEN Anna Jane Holden, Her Ancestors and descendants Viettia Alberta Newcomb Ho-08
HOLDEN Anna Jane Holden, Her Ancestors and descendants Viettia Newcomb Ho-14.2
HOLEMAN Descendants of Isaac Holeman (ca 1725-1808) Roger and Merry Ann Malcolm Ho-09
HOLLAND Our Maryland Heritage Holland families of Maryland Book 24 William Neal Hurley Ho-15.1
HOLMES Descendants of Edwin James Holmes 1865-1986 Philip Holmes Ho-11
HOLMES Search For Holmes, Robson, Hind, Steele, and Graham families of Cumberland and Northumberland, England, The Anna Hait Christian Ho-10
HOLT/WRIGHT Descendants of Doswell "Drury" Holt and Ally (Alley) Wright Betty Lou Finks Ho 11.1
HONAKER Historical Report of the Honaker family in America Fred W. Goshorn Ho-12
HONTZ Hontz family Brian J. L. Berry Ho-13
HOOD Genealogy of Richard Hood Who Came From Lynn, In England, And Settled At Lynn, In Massachusetts Cornelia E. Whipple Ho-14.1
HOOD Tunis Hood family, Its Lineage and Traditions Dellmann O. Hood Ho-14
HOOPER Biographical Sketch of Eight Generations of Hoopers in America William Hooper-1635 to Idolene Snow (Hooper) Crosby 1883 Mrs. William Sumner Crosby Ho-16
HOOPES Our Old Ohio Home Nell McCreary Hoopes Ho-3
HOOVEL Johannes C. and Sophia "Holden" Hoovel, A Line of Descent Edward Baker Faust Ho-15
HOOVER Sketches and Incidents Embracing a Period of 50 Years Henry Hoover Ho-18
HOPKINS, ELDREDGE Stephen and Giles Hopkins, Mayflower passengers and some of their descendants including an Eldredge line James W. Hawes HOPKINS 01
HOPPER Hoppers Lydia Jane Brothers and Annabelle Toliver Ho-17
HORN Horn's A'Plenty - Newells, Tiemanns, Wyeths Agnes M. Grousset Ho-21
HORNADAY Hornadays Root and Branch, The Unfolding of an American family Quinn HornadyAnd Aline G. Hornsday Ho-19
HORNBECK Hornbeck Hunting and descendants of Warnaar Hornbeck b. c1645 Shirley Hornbeck Ho-20
HORNE Hornes, an American family Gail Lumet Buckley HORNE 01
HOSKINS Hoskins families of 17th Century American George Ely Russell Ho-23
HOSKINSON Genealogy of One Branch of the Hoskinson family, descendants of George Washington Hoskinson Alice Hoover Wooldridge Ho-22
HOSSFELD From Saxony to the Lehigh Valley: The descendants of Ludwig Hossfeld Corinne Hosfield Smith Ho-24
HOTCHKISS Hotchkiss family, first six generations, descendants of Samuel Hotchkiss (ca. 1622-1663) of New Haven, Connecticut. Volume I [folded inside - Introduction to the name and family of Hotchkiss] Nellie Cowdell HOTCHKISS 01
HOUK Houk family dictionary Dr.Theodore W. Houk Houk -01
HOWARD Lineages of My Revolutionary War Ancestor Uriah Howard and His Wife Lydia Rice (Royce) (With related families) Hugh A. Johnson Ho-25
HOWELL Descendants of Hugh Howell Janel Marie Howell and Jeannette Phethean Ho-25.1
HOYT Genealogical history of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight families, Volume 1 David W. Hoyt Ho-26
HOYT HAIGHT HIGHT Genealogy history of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight families Volume 2 David W. Hoyt Ho-27
HUBBELL Hubbell family Historical Society Annual 1988 Hubbell-01
HUBER HOOVER Huber-Hoover family history Harry M. Hoover Hu-01
HUFF Harvest Moon Memoirs Helen Carris Huff & Lorina R. Okamoto Hu-02
HUGHES Hughes of Tangipahoa Parish Ella B. Hughes Hu-04
HUGHES James Hughes 1843-1921 Biography of a Western Pioneer LaRoux K. and Helen G. Gillespie & Jacqueline S. Koreeen Hu-03
HULCE Hulce/Hulse families in America, descendants of Elisha Hulce/Hulse Volume 1, 1725-1796 Goshen, NY Lynn C. Harper Hu-04.1
HULCE Hulce/Hulse families in America, descendants of Elisha Hulce/Hulse Volume 2, Index for Volumes 1 and 2 Lynn C. Harper Hu-04.2
HULCE Hulce/Hulse families in America, descendants of Elisha Hulce/Hulse Volume 3 Index for Volume 3 Lynn C. Harper Hu-04.3
HULING Huling Genealogy, The Decendents of James and Margaret Huling of Newport, Rhode Iland & Lewes, Delaware Esther Littleford Woodworth-Barnes Hu-04.4
HULL Record of the descendants of Richard Hull of New Haven, Conn. Puella Follett (Hull) Mason Hu-04.5
HULSTON Ozarks lawyer's story, 1946-1976 John K. Hulston HULSTON
HUMES Descendants of Nicholas Humes of Massachusetts, The First Five Generations, Vol 1 Charles Warren Humes Ed.Dand Marilyn Harper Humes B. A. Hu-05.1
HUMPHRIES Ancestors and descendants of Charles Humphries, (d. 1837) of Union DistricT, 1677-1984 South Carolina 1677-1984 Brent Howard Holcomb, Certified Genealogist Hu-06
HUNTER From Ayr to Thurber - Three Hunter Brothers And the Winning of the West William Hunter McLean Hu-07
HUNTER Gold-Green Timber A history of the Nils Peter Hult family Hu-05
HUNTON John Hunton's diary,1873-75 HUNTON v.1
HURR Climb with Me My family Tree Venita Hurr Foster Hu-08
HUTCHINSON Music of Our Lives - Hutchinsons of Smith County, Kansas, Their history And descendants Martha Wreath Streeter and Carl Romig Hutchinson Hu-09
HUYCK Descendents of William Henry Huyck and Mary Jane Boyer Denys B. Fritch Huy-02
HUYCK Huyck, Howk, Houck in America 1600-1982 Sylvia E. Wilson Huy-01
INGRAM Certain Topics on the Ingham, Waterhouse and allied families Carmack Waterhouse In 2
INGRAM Ingram family history, From England to America Mary Ruth Stultz In 1
IRWIN Irwins - 142 Years in Lawrence County. Hattie Irwin Griffin Ir 1
ISHAM An Index of the Ishams in England and America Edward Paul Isham Is 1
IVES, JAMES Lives and family of Robert Burton Ives and Anna Maude James J. Russell Ives IVES 01
JACKSON Family and early life of Stonewall Jackson Roy Bird Cook JACKSON 02
JACKSON Jackson of North Pocolet -descendants of Samuel Jackson, Sr. Brent H. Holcomb, Certified Genealogist Ja 2
JACOBY Descendants of Bartholomew Jacoby Helen E. (Jacoby) Evard Ja 4
JANS Anneke Jans - Bogardus and Adam Brouwer, research Aid bibliography William Brower Bogardus, compiler Jans-01
JOHNSON My family Johnson - Palmer - Wright - Duncan Bessie R. Day Jo 3
JONES Descendants of Joshua Jones and Soloman King 1771-1994 Nadine Young Billingsley Jo 9
JONES Henry and Mary Steeves Jones family of NB, OH, IA Part II Other Ancestries of John And Viola Ellis Jones Marvin T. Jones Jo 8
JONES Some antecedents & descendants of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Douglas Jones, Oregon pioneers of 1847 with colateral ancestors & descendants of allied families Victor W. Jones, compiler JONES, Earl Douglas
JUDSON Mission for Life Joan Jacobs Brumberg Ju 1
KEELER Keeler family Wesley B. Keeler Ke 1
KEITH Keith Kinfolks Larry King Ke 1.1
KELLEY Alfred Kelley House Abbot Lowell Cummings Ke 2
KEMMERER Kemmerer family history 1730-1929,Two Centuries of Kemmerer family Assoc. Ke 6
KEMPTON Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908 Dean Crawford Smith Ke 7.1
KENNEDY John Fitzgerald Kennedy, As We Remember Him Goddard Lieberson Ke 7
KENWORTHY Kenworthys Marry H. Louise White Thiessen Ke 8
KETTERING Professional Amateur - Biography of Charles Franklin Kettering T.A. Boyd Ke 9
KICKER Kickers of the South Ann Kicker Blomquist Ki 1
KIGER Kiger Gorge Minerva Kiger-Reynolds KIGER
KIK Story of J. David Kik and family Trilby Maurer Nelsen Ki 1.1
KIMBALL Live of Heber C. Kimball Orson F. Whitney KIMBALL 02
KIMBALL Noble Son: - Spencer W. Kimball Truman G. Madsen (Intro) Project or: INSRITUE OF family RESEARCH Ki 2
KIMBER Descendants of Thomas Kimber Sidney Arthur Kimber Ki 3
KIMBERLING Kimberling Kin from East to West 1750 to 1983 Joyce (Mrs. Robert) Kimberling Kuhnle Ki 4
KING King's realm, a genealogy Donald E. King KING 03
KING Twigs from the King family Tree Janet King Bower Ki5.4
KING, TIMBERLAKE, TORRINGTON, SHEARIN Families of Warren, Franklin, and Granville counties, North Carolina and Virginia ancestry Gayle King Blankenship KING 02
KINGSBURY Descendants of Henry Kingsbury Frederick John Kingsbury Ki 6
KITCHELL Kitchell family history Deloris Kitchel Clem and Dwain L. Kitchel Ki 8
KLAUS Klaus family history 1530-2000 Eugene and Dorothy Klaus Kla1
KNIGHT Ancestors and descendants of John Bailey Knight Col. Gordon Bennett Knight Kn 1
KNOFF Are There Any Knoffs Here? Gerald E. Knoff Kn 2
KOFFROTH Koffroth family history Willis Adrian Koffroth Ko 2.1
KONGSGAARDEN Dorthea's journey Shirley Miller Winsley KONGSGAARDEN
KRAMER Trails and Tales Kramer Thomas and families Barnes and Hodges Rhoda Joy Morley Kr 1
KRIMPHOFF Krimphoff and Zimmerman Elizabeth Preston Baty Kr 2
KUKLIS Kuklis and Oliva family in Bohemia Sandra J. Breitkreutz Ku 1
KYGERS v.2 Shenandoah Valley families Volume II - The Kygers Billie Jo Monger Ky 1
LAKE History of the James Lake Jr. family Janet Franson Jeffery La 1
LAMY Lamy, Lami, Lemay, Lamie families in France, Canada and U.S. Eunice (Lamie) Novak La 2
LANDRUM Life and Times of Rev. John G. Landrum H. P. Griffith La 3
LANE Elura Morgan Fall Lane - Her descendants and Ancestors Frances Lane Harris La 4
LANE Ontario Canada Ancestors Frances Lane Harris La 5
LANSING Lansing family, a genealogy of the decsendants of Gerrit Frederickse Lansing who came to America from Hasselt, Province of Overijssell, Holland, 1640. Eight generations. Claude G. Munsell La 6
LAPOINTE Marcel Audet-dit-LaPointe and Marie Lucie Therrien Patricia (LaPointe) Sansaucy La 9
LARSON Larson Lines Larson and Peterson La 7
LARSON, JOHNSON Larson/Johnson family of East Union, Minnesota Maggie Kitts LARSON 02
LATTIMORE History of Lattimore and McRitchie families La 8
LAWRENCE William Henry Lawrence 1850-1924 and Martha Mary Ann Ham Robert Dean Lawrence La 9.1
LAWSON Descendants of John Henry Lawson 1842-1906 Mona Gee Wallace La 10
LAYNE Layne, Lain, Lane genealogy Floyd Benjamin Layne La 11
LAYTON Children of Samuel Layton Robert W. Layton La 12
LEACH My Life - Lydia Iona Friend Leach Pearl Merrill Le 1
LEAVITT Silent Side of River- Elethier Bunker Leavitt Viola Leavitt Kesler Le 2
LEE Lees of Virginia Burton J. Hendrick Le 3
LEHMAN Lehman families of Langnau, Switzerland David L. Habegger Le 4
LEIBUNDGUTT Peter Leibundgutt Journal Lois Ann Mast Le 5
LEIGHTON Leighton Genealogy, descendants of Thomas Leighton, Dover New Hampshire Volume 1 Perley M. Leighton Le5.1
LEIGHTON Leighton Genealogy, descendants of Thomas Leighton, Dover New Hampshire Volume 2 Perley M. Leighton Le5.2
LEITER History of Genealogy of the Leiter families John A. Leiter Le 6
LEONARD Emily J. Leonard Georgia Louise Leonard Le 17
LEONARD Leonard family AGRI LEONARD 03
LEONARD Preliminary Survey of descendants of John and Catherine (Kitchel) Leonard Anne Long Le 15
LEOPOLD Supplement to Leopold Genealogy Roy A. Leopold Le 6.0
LEVENSALER Levensalers of Waldoboro, Maine Walter L. Levensaler Le 6.1
LEWIS Descendants of Thomas and Ann Lee Lewis, Quaker family, Blount, Tennessee Kathryn Lewis Burkett and Sheila Pollard Lewis Le 14
LEWIS Lewis Unlimited Shirley Penna-Oakes LEWIS 06 v.10
LEWIS Lewis Unlimited Shirley Penna-Oakes LEWIS 06 v.11
LEWIS Lewis Unlimited Shirley Penna-Oakes LEWIS 06 v.9
LEWIS Lewis, I Remember When Rosalie Joy Ketchum Sutherland Le8
LEWIS Lewises, Meriwethers and Their Kin Sarah Travers Lewis (Scott) Anderson Le 7
LEWIS Lineage of 'Libbie' Lucinda Lewis Alexis Ann Kolb Le 14.1
LEWIS Pioneer Lewis Volume 1 Michael L. Cook Le 9
LEWIS Pioneer Lewis Volume 2 Michael L. Cook Le 10
LEWIS Pioneer Lewis Volume 3 Michael L. Cook Le 11
LEWIS Pioneer Lewis Volume 4 Michael L. Cook Le 12
LEWIS Pioneer Lewis Volume 5 Michael L. Cook Le 13
LINCOLN Shenandoah Valley families - The Lincolns, The Hanks Billie Jo Monger Li 1
LINDEMAN Our German heritage: Wallace Henry Lindeman, his German family history Glenn and Janice Lindeman Perry, Wallace and Louise Estergreen Lindeman, Robert Wicklund LINDEMAN 01
LINDEMAN Our Swedish heritage: Ida Christine Bodeen Lindeman, her Swedish family history Glenn and Janice Lindeman Perry, Wallace and Louise Estergreen Lindeman, Robert Wicklund LINDEMAN 02
LINNELL Descendants of Robert Linnell [rev.& eng. Ed] Rachel Linnell Wynn LINNELL 01
LIST List family Notes Howard M. List Li 2
LLOYD Lloyd (Loyd) families of Putnam County, Missouri Gary G. Lloyd Ll 1
LOCKE Locke Genealogy Donald P. Hayes, Jr. Lo 1
LONG Long family Letters: 1910-1937 David G. McLean Lo 2
LONG Long Tree and Others Margaret Thompson Winkler Lo 3
LONG William Long, family Tree Robert Long Lo3.1
LONTZ Our German, Pilgrim, and Quaker Ancestors Mary Belle Lontz Lo 4
LOPEMAN Lopeman family, In Search of a Legend Delanne Lopeman DuBois Lo 5
LOVELESS Research Notes on Mary Ann Loveless Mrs. Hattie W. Heninger Lo 7
LUARK Patterson and Michael Luark Lu 1.1
LUCAS Governor Robert Lucas, his Ancestors and descendants Betty Porter Hall Lu 1
LUCE American descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985 Index Martha F. McCourt and Thomas R. Luce Lu 6
LUCE American descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985 Vol 1 Martha F. McCourt and Thomas R. Luce Lu 1
LUCE American descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985 Vol 2 Martha F. McCourt and Thomas R. Luce Lu 2
LUCE American descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985 Vol 3 Martha F. McCourt and Thomas R. Luce Lu 3
LUCE American descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985 Vol 4 Martha F. McCourt and Thomas R. Luce Lu 4
LUDDINGTON William Luddington of Malden, Massachusetts, and East Haven, Connecticut, and his descendants James Shepard LUDDINGTON 01
LUMSDEN George Lumsden family Alice L. Brown Lum 01
LUNDY Lundy family and their descendants of whatsoever surname, with a biographical sketch of Benjamin Lundy William Clinton Armstrong LUNDY 01
LYBARGER Lybarger family Jesse J. Lybarger Ly 1
MACDONALD MacDonalds from Bras De Or to Estrella Bill Norin MacD-02
MACDONELL Descendants and related Genealogies of Donald MacDonell Duncan MacDonald MacD-03
MACIORA Maciora and Mik families Genealogy Joseph G. V. Maciora Ma-01
MACNAUL MacNaul/McNaul family Albert G. and Mary Alice MacNaul MacN-01
MAGDEN Sand, Sage, and Cement Zoe Magden Ma-02
MAHNCKE To the history of the family Mahncke Alfred Mahncke Ma-03
MAJOR Pioneers of Morgan county, memoirs of Noah J. Major Noah J. Major [reprinted 2006] MAJOR
MALLET John Mallet the Huguenot and His descendants 1694-1894 Anna S. Mallet Ma-03.1
MANN Col John Mann, Jr., His Kith, His Kin, His Ancestors, His descendants Timothy A. Mann Ma-05.1
MANN George Adam Mann 1734-1821 Dorothy C. Knoff Ma-04
MANN Shuah Strait Mann 1829-1918 Pauline Bachman Mann Ma-05
MANNING Manning family Ma-06
MARKEE Memories That Never Die Maude Markee nee Ingram Ma-07
MARSHALL Descendants of Moses and Mary (Adams) Marshall of Columbiana County, Ohio Sanford Charles Gladden Ma-09
MARSTON Marston English ancestry with some account of the American immigrants of the name Mary Lovering Holman MARSTON 01
MARTIN Long Road Back Betty Martin Heiss Ma-08 .2
MARTIN Martin family history with Name Origin and Lineage Lines Ma08.1
MARTIN Martin family quarterly, 1850 Arkansas census, Granville Co., NC marriages, index. Volume X, #1, May 1984 MARTIN 04 v.10 no.1
MARTIN Martin family quarterly, Revoluntioary pension abstracts. Volume VI, May 1980-Feb. 1981 MARTIN 04 v.06
MARTIN Martin family quarterly, Volume X, #2 Aug. 1984 MARTIN 04 v.10 no.2
MARTIN Martin family quarterly, Volume X, #3 Nov. 1984 MARTIN 04 v.10 no.3
MARTIN Martin family quarterly, Volume X, #4 Feb. 1985 MARTIN 04 v.10 no.4
MARTIN Some Martin, Jeffries, and Wayman families Estelle Clark Watson Ma-10
MASSEY Massey Genealogy 2000 William W. Massey, Jr. Massey-01
MASTERSON, GAY One woman's west, recollections of the Oregon Trail and settling the Northwest country Martha Gay Masterson; Lois Barton Editor MASTERSON
MATLOCK, MEDLOCK They multiplied, a story of Matlocks-Medlocks [in Quarterly. Volume 1, no. 3, Summer 1974] MATLOCK
MATSLERS Matslers, The Lewis and Josephine Ray Mat-01
MATTHIAS Matthias Milestones Dorothy Weiser Seale Ma-11
MAXSON Maxson family of Rhode Island H. F. Johnston, Olive Maxson Jones, compilers MAXSON 01
MAXSON Maxson family, Richard Maxson of Boston, John Maxson of Westerly, Rhode Island, Samuel Maxson of New York W. L. Brown, M. T. Brown MAXSON 02
MAXWELL Ancestors William Maxwell MAXWELL
McCALLUM Northland echoes Doris Neeley Haralson McCALLUM 01
MCCARTY Uncle Doc's Diary - Dr. Thomas Clayton McCarty, Spottsville, Henderson County, Kentucky, 1871-1915 Janis Edwards Knox McC-01
McCAW Wagon wheels and wild roses, heirloom recipes and Oregon Trail stories from the McCaw family,1847-1995 Naomi Stanley Kulp McCaw 01
MCCLARD McClard/McLard/McLaird/MacLaird and related Families 1767-1998 James Robert Peters, Kathy Jo Borgfield, Violet LaVerne Kennedy, Edna Diana Baker-Dickie, Ray McClard McC-01.1
MCCLELLAN James McClellan - His Progenitors, descendants, and allied Lines Gerald R. Fuller McC-02
McClish McClish kith and kin Wayne L. McKean McClish
McClung You can call me Ray, a legend in his own mind Ray McClung McCLUNG 01
MCCORNACK Andrew McCornack family of Knox County, Illinois McC-03
MCCULLOCH Descendants of John McCulloch (McCully) Born About 1777 Ashville North Carolina Lillian B. Harmon McC-04
MCDANIEL McDaniel and related families John H. McDaniel McD-01
MCEACHRAN Clan McEachran McE-01
MCEARCHRAN Daniel McEarchern of Brunswick and New Honover Counties, North Carolina, The descendants of Compiled by Leora (Hiatt) McEarchern McEarchern 01
MCFARLAND Young and Ardent Eye, The Story of Minnie Bullack McFarland, A Compiled and Edited by Afton Shirley McFarland Olsen McF- 1
MCFARLANE Gilppin County Gold Peter McFarlane 1848-1929 Mining Enterpreneur in Central City, Colorado H. William Axford McFARLANE 01
MCKAY Genealogy of the McKay family, descendants of Elkenny McKay James Adolphus McKay McKAY ELKE
MCKEE Descendants of James McKee Donna Lea Christy McK-01
MCKENNA Roots of Malcolm Carnegie McKenna Donald C. McKenna McK-02
MCKUEN Finding My Father Rod McKuen McK-03
MCLENDON McLendons of Carroll County, Georgia and related families Lois Couse McLendon McL-02
MCLEOD Daniel Asbury McLeod and Jane Raspbury Evans and Their descendants Harry Blue McL-03
MCLOUGHLIN Royal family of the Columbia - Dr. John McLoughlin and family Alberta Brooks Fogdall McL-01
MCMULLIN McMullin family history Larry Murphy McM 1
MCNEILL V. The McNeills Brian J. L. Berry McN-01
MCPHERSON McPherson and Miller families Richard Dwight Prall McPherson-01
MCWHIRTER Descendants of David McWhirter & Mary Posten, volume 1 Patricia Lynn Petitt, compiler McWhirter 01 v.1
MCWHIRTER Descendants of David McWhirter & Mary Posten, volume 2 Patricia Lynn Petitt, compiler McWhirter 01 v.2
MCWHIRTER Descendants of David McWhirter & Mary Posten, volume 3 Patricia Lynn Petitt, compiler McWhirter 01 v.3
MEEK Meek family of Washington County, Virginia Danny Morris Fluhart Me-04
MEIGS Vincent Meigs and His Sons Who Came to America About 1635 Richard J. Meigs Me-02
MEISSER Genealogy of the Meisser family Meiser/Miser/Mizar/Mizer/Myser/Myzer Lloyd E. Mizer Me-05
MELVILLE James Melville of Barrhead, Scotland and His descendants Malcolm Leslie Melville Me-06
MENDALL Mendall, Mendell, Mandell-descendants of John Mendall 1638-1720 Sidney D. Smith Me-07
MERCER 300 Years in America with the Mercer's Dolores Graham Doyle Me-09
MERWIN Merwin family in North America, a genealogy of the descendants of Miles Merwin, 1623-1697, in the male line through ten generations. [Volume 1] MERWIN 01 v.3
MERWIN Merwin family in North America, a genealogy of the descendants of Miles Merwin, 1623-1697, in the male line through ten generations. Volume 2 MERWIN 01 v.1
MERWIN Merwin family in North America, a genealogy of the descendants of Miles Merwin, 1623-1697, in the male line through ten generations. Volume 3 MERWIN 01 v.2
MESSERSMITH Genealogy of the Messersmith family in America, 1841-1948, 106 years [includes photos and handwritten notes] Grace Cecil Messersmith, Leita Messersmith Smith MESSERSMITH 01
MESSNER family of Michael and Salome (Reister) Messner, The Phil Barnes Me-10
METCALF Meet My Metcalf's - descendants of Michael and Sarah Metcalf Marjorie Waterfield Me-12
MILAM History of a Southern family Robert M. Wilbanks Mi-01
MILLER Miller and Simmons families Volume 1 William Roy Shurtleff Mi-04
MILLER Miller and Simmons families Volume 2 William Roy Shurtleff Mi-05
MILLER Miller family history - Eli S. Miller and Marie Kauffman Oscar R. Miller Mi-03
MILLER Miller family history 1981 - descendants of Solomon S. Miller Oscar R. Miller Mi-02
MILLS Descendants of Roger Mills 1746-1809 Robert D. Reynolds Mi-06.1
MILLS Henry Mills family Paul Mills Mi-06
MILLS History of the Simon Mills family Book II Katie R. Mills and Ralph E. Mills Mi-07
MILLS History of the Simon Mills family. Book III Ralph E. Mills Mi-08
MITCHELL Ancestors and descendants of Perley and Phebe (Lewis) Mitchell Mrs. Roy H. Prichard Mi-10
MITCHELL Descendants of Jeremiah Mitchell and allied families Ann Mitchell Horne Mi-09
MOAK Moak's and Folks Joyce Temple Barnett Moa-01
MONTGOMERY Gift from Grace Rebecca N. Foote Mo-01
MOORE Descendants of William Moore Carl C. and Dorothy L. Moore Mo-05
MOORE Moore family in America - Shildes Moore of Wales 1732-1891 George L. Moore Mo-04
MOORE, BROWN Group sheets from the family of John Harrison Moore and Martha Armittie Brown J.D. Moore, compiler MOORE 03
MOORHEAD Tree Top Baby - A family Tree of Moorhead (Morehead/ Moorehead/ Muirhead) and Strong, Vol 1 Susan Moorhead/Nunes Mo-06
MORGAN James Morgan and his descendants from New Lond, Connecticut, 125th anniversary edition Freeman E,. Morgan, Jr. Morgan, James
MORGAN Morgan Genealogy U. Morgan Davies Mo-03
MORRIS Among Ourselves: To a Mothers Memory Sarah P. Morrison Mo-02
MORROW Alexander Morrow 1745-1817 Anne Morrow Nees Mo-07
MORTON George Morton of Plymouth colony and some ofhis descendants John K. Allen MORTON 01
MOSELEY Moseley Genealogy Thomas Byrd Moseley, Jr. Mo-09
MOTT Adam and Anne Mott, their ancestors and their descendants / Thomas Clapp. 1890 [reprint] Thomas Clapp MOTT 01
MOUNTJOY Our family - Mountjoy Lucille Mountjoy Mo-08
MUDD Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd and his descendants Richard D. Mudd MUDD 01
MUHLENBERG Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. Volume 2 Theodore G. Tappert, John W. Doberstein Mu-01
MUIRHEID Henry Muirheid/Muirhead family of Virginia and Mississippi Ray Jerome Muirhead Mu-01.1
MUIRHEID Muirheid family Record - A Genealogy of Some of the descendants of John Muirheid Who Immigrated from Scotland in 1685 Nola M. Karr Muirheid-01
MULHALL Lucille Mulhall, her family, her life, her times Kathryn B. Stansbury MULHALL 01
MULHOLLAND Progenitures of Ted Leo Mulholland G. Warren Mulholland Mu-02
MULLIKINS Mullikins of Maryland Elizabeth Hopkins Baker Mu-03
MYERS Have I Ever Told You About? Kenneth G. Myers Myers
NABERS James Monroe Nabers family Thomas Augustus Nabers Na-01
NADEAU Nadeau family saga Gene Allen Nadeau NADEAU
NALL Nall families of America including Nalle, Naul, Nalls Sally Nall Dolphin and Charles Fuller Nall NALL-01
NASH Francis Nash of Braintree, Massachusetts Vernon S. Phillips Na-02
NATION James Anderson Nation and Myrtle Della Sands Carole Clawson Nation Na-03
NAVARRE Navarre Christian Denissen Na-04
NAYLOR Naylor Letters - 1870-1900 Berniece Miller Vaughan Na-05
NEIMAN Neiman family Heritage - Ancestors and descendants of Adam and Elizabeth Ruthanna Jacobs Ne-00
NELSON Today Is Ours Elsie Nelson Ne-01
NEW New Genealogy Ne-03
NEWBERRY Newberry family and In-Laws Grant Harold Collar, Jr. Ne-02
NEWTON History of the Newton families of Colonial America with American History of family interest not obtainable elsewhere. Volume 1: Thomas Newton, Louisbourg letter, 1745 Connecticut at Louisbourg, 1745 Clair Alonzo Newton, compiler NEWTON Thomas
NICHOLS C. H. Nichols Lumber Company Lt. Col. Barbara J. Nichols Ni-03
NICHOLS Nichols Leon Nelson Nichols Ni-02
NICHOLSON John and Mary Williams Nicholson, North Carolina, Pioneers to Indiana and Iowa Kenneth J. Nicholson and Geanell Brooks Carman Ni-05
NICHOLSON Tenth Generation Yankee from Maine Nettie Gove Nicholson Ni-04
NICKEL Benjamin F. Nickel family Phyllis Ferrara Hoggartt Ni-01
NIXON Ancestors and descendants of George William Nixon 1848-1926 Mrs. Dwaine C. Baccus Ni-06
NORDBY family history of Mildred Luvaas and Rudolph Ephraim Nordby Beuletta Nordby Williams No-01
NORMAN Coffee chased us up, Monte Cristo memories Elor Norman NORMAN 01
NORRIS My Wild Irish Rose - The Life of Rose (Norris) (O'Connor) Fitzhugh and her mother Delia (Gordon) Norris Sharon DeBartolo Carmack Norris-01
NORTON Descendants and ancestors of Charles Norton, Guilford, Connecticut Albert Norton Norton 01
OBERT Obert family Myrl Obert Tribble Ob-01
OGDEN Ogden Brothers and Their descendants Chester Morse Willingham and Frances Sullivan Willingham Og-02
OGIER History of the Ogier family 1767-1892 Elizabeth M. Hosmer Og-01
OLMSTEAD Moses and Hannah Olmstead Leola Grace (Olmstead) Marshall Ol-01
OLSON Olson Maxine Zwiefelhofer Ol-02
O'NAN Treasure Up the Memory James Frederick O'Nan On-01
O'NEILL O'Neills of County Cork Germaine C. Grady On-02
ORECKOUSKY Oreckousky family from Russia to America Len Traubman Or-01
ORMSEBEE George Hubbard Ormsbee and Harriet Hosford Ormsbee family and descendants Mary Chalfant Ormsbee Or-02
ORR 1984 family Record of John Orr and Ary Moore Orr Or-03
OSTRANDER Ostrander family - Vital Records Barbara Dahl and Emmett Ostrander Os-01
OTTO Dr. Bodo Otto and Medical Background of American Revolution James E. Gibson Ot-01
OWENS Genealogy of Owens and Byrnes Edward W. Owens Ow-01
OYLER family Memories of C. Edith Fullerton Oyler Roberta Oyler Hagermann Oy-01
PACE History of the Pace family Freda Reid Turner Pa-01
PACE Pace - One of Americas Earliest Emmigrant family Noble Hamilton Pace, Sr. Pa-04
PACE Pace family 1607-1750 Freda Reid Turner Pa-02
PACE Pace Society of America Bulletins Volume 1 Freda Reid Turner Pa-03
PACE Pace Society of America Bulletins Volume II Freda Reid Turner Pa-03.1
PALMER Palmer family history 1740-1967 George Palmer Pa-05
PALMER, TRIMBLE Genealogical record of the descendants of John and Mary Palmer of Concord, Chester (now Delaware) co., Pennsylvania. In two divisions -- Palmer-Trimble [Includes some handwritten information and newspaper clippings from mid-twentieth century] Lewis Palmer PALMER 01 pt.1-2
PARA Just Call Me Grandma - Para Genealogy Catherine Para Pa-05.2
PARKER Parker Ranch of Hawaii Joseph Brennan Pa-4.1
PARKS Rufus Parks Pedigree Brian J. L. Berry Pa-05.1
PATRELL Descendants of Joseph Patrell, 1723-1790s, of Ware River Parish, Massachusetts Roberta Stokes Smith Patrell-01
PATTEN Memoir of the Patten family John Patten Pa-06
PATTON History of the Patton family from the Earliest Known Date Pa-07
PAYNE Barnabas Payne W. O. Payne Pa-08
PAYNE family history Payne Golding - Wiley Pyne & Nancy Jane Golding, The Aubrey Hampton Payne Pa-09.1
PAYNE Paynes of Wabash County, Illinois and Wilson County, TN Lois Wittenbraker Payne Pa-09
PEARCE Pearce genealogy being the record of the posterity of Richard Pearce, an early inhabitant of Postsmouth, in Rhode Island, whocame from England, and whose genealogy is traced back to 972 / Frederick C. Pierce PEARCE 01
PEFFLEY Peffley/Peffly/Pefley families in American And allied families May M. Frost and Earl C. Frost Pe-03
PELOUBET family Records of Joseph Alexander de Chabrier de Peloubet, The L.M.F Chabrier PeloubetPeloubet Pe-04
PENCE Pence Research Data Maxine E. Pence Pe-06
PENN Life of William Penn Samuel M. Janney Pe-02
PENNINGTON Some descendants of Ephraim Pennington of Rowan County, North Carolina, Including Those of Pennington's Point McDonough County Illinois Marvin T. Jones Pe-07
PENSE Pence family of Georgia North Carolina and South Carolina Maxine E. Pence Pe-05
PERDUE James A. Perdue and descendants 1822-1984 Gervaise Wynn-Perdue Pe-08
PERIGO DAR Records Pertaining to Perigo/Perrigos and allied families Mrs. Alice Perrigo Brown Pe-09
PERRETT In Search of the Perretts George Perrett Pe-10
PERRIN Genealogy of the Perrin family PERRIN 02
PERRIN Thomas Chiles Perrin of Abberville, South Carolina Thomas Perrin Harrison, Jr. Pe-11
PERRY Answer Soon - Courtship Letters of Ruby Monroe Perry and Mary Elizabeth Alexander Peri Ann Lane Muhich Pe-12
PERSON Person Notes Dorothy Wooldridge Person Pe-13
PESSEMIER Pessemier Portfolio, Ancestors And descendants of Charles Louis Pessemier And His Wife, Marie Justine Vallez, The Joan Emert Siegert Pe-13.1
PETERS Some descendants of Michael Peters Edward L. Peters Pe-14
PETERSEN Johannes Moritz Petersen family Donna Story Pe-15
PETERSON Peterson family Tree David Alan Lundeen Pe-15.1
PETRICK Volume 2 Vernon F. Petrik Pe-17
PHELPS Phelps family of America and their English ancestors with copies of wills, deeds, letters, and other intersting papers, Coats of Arms and valuable records. Volume 2 Oliver Seymour Phelps, Andrew T. Servin, compilers Ph-03
PHELPS Service Records and Vital Statistics on Phelps family of Andover Massachusetts and North Dakota Mrs. Leif M. Nelson Ph-02
PHELPS Tales of the Phelps - Dodge family Phyllis B. Dodge Ph-01
PHILLIPS Phillips Genealogy Albert M. Phillips Ph-03.1
PHILLIPS Phillips, Fine, Sandlin, Self families in North Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma & Arkansas Delton Dennis Blalock Ph-03
PHIPPS Phipps tree Asher Leon Young Ph-04
PITTSER Descendants of Andrew Jackson Pittser B. W. Thompson, Sr. Pi-01
PITTSER Pitts family Chronological history Gene Wright Pi-02
PLATT Platt Genealogy 1638-1962 Charles Platt Jr. Pl-01
PLUMB Memorial Addresses On The Life and Character of Preston B. Plumb Feb. 20 and March 19, 1892 W. H. Michael Pl-02
POCAHONTAS Pocahontas descendants 3rd Corrections and Additions Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers Po-02
POCAHONTAS Pocahontas descendants with Corrections and Additions Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers, Eileen M. Chappel Po-01
POINDEXTER Poingdestre/Poindexter a Norman family Through The Ages 1250-1977 John Poindexter Landers & Robert Downs Poindexter Po-03
POUNDS Family history of a Lot of Pounds and Their Travels Part I Walter C. Pounds, Jr. Po-06
POUNDS Family history of a Lot of Pounds and Their Travels Part II Walter C. Pounds, Jr. Po-07
POWELL History of the Powell families of Virginia and the South Rev. Fr. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Po-05
POWERS Some Annals of the Powers family - 1924 W. P. Powers Po-08
PRALL Prall family Richard Dwight Prall Pr-00
PRICE Price family and related Lines of Beaufort, Martin, Pitt and Washington Counties, NC Volume 1 Jennifer M. Sheppard Pr-02
PRIEST Mijamin Priest and His family from William Penn's Colony to East Texas1684-1884 Ruth Priest Dixon PRIEST 01
PRUDDEN Rev. Peter Prudden and his descendants in America [Volume 1] Horton R. Prudden PRUDDEN 01 v.1
PRUDDEN Rev. Peter Prudden and his descendants in America [Volume 2] Horton R. Prudden PRUDDEN 01 v.2
PRYOR Descendants of Joshua Pryor 1824-1995 Dolores Leeson Dawson Pr-03
PURCELL Purcell family Genealogical Journal 1978 -1979 Todd Y. Purcell PU 3
PURCELL Purcell family of America Genealogical Journal 1976-1977 Todd Y. Purcell Pu 2
PURCELL Purcell family of America. April 1981 PURCELL 02 v.10 no.2
PURCELL Purcell family of America. October 1981 PURCELL 02 v.10 no,4
PURCELL Purcell family of America. October 1988 PURCELL02 v.17 no.4
PURCELL Purcell famiy of America. January 1981 PURCELL 02 v.10 no.1
PURVIS WILSON Short Happy Life of Kansas Flying Machine Mary Collett Farris Pu - 01
PYNE John Pyne family in America Frederick Wallace Pyne Py-01
QUACKENBUSH Quackenbush family in America Gail Richard Quackenbush QUACKENBUSH
RABOUIN Rabouin family Natalie R. Friend Ra-01
RAINEY Rainey Times, volume 8, July 1988 RAINEY 01
RAINEY Rainey Times, volume 9, July 1989 RAINEY 02
RAOULSTON Raoulston and Russell Genealogy 1986 Barbara Gonce Clepper Ra-02
Rawson, Brown, Angell 141 years of Mormon heritage, Rawsons, Browns, Angells, pioneers Archie Leon Brown RAWSON
RAYMOND Raymond family Genealogy. Volume 1, part 1 Samuel Edward Raymond Ra-03
REAM Ream family history and Genealogy Forest V. Ream Re-01
REAMS Reams family Genealogy 1650-1987 Mildred Reams Kantorowicz Re-03
REAMS, REAMES Reams, Reames family and allied families Re-02
REDDING Redding family and Its Relatives Billie Redding Lewis Re-04
REDEKER Commemoration of the Redeker Generations Re-05
REDFORD Descendants of Francis Redford, Emigrant to America 1635 Frances June Redford Reid Re-06
REDING Indiana Stonecarver - The Story of Thomas R. Reding Ann Nolan and Keith Buckley Re-07
REED Our Reeds Grown Free Karl Reed Re 08
REED Reed family Story Vera Colton Halstead Re-08.1
REEKS, ROGERS Ancestors of Reeks and Rogers, Christchurch, Dorset Lindsay S. Reeks Re-09
REESE Fighting Charles Reese, His Life and His family Parker Chastaine Sams RE 10
REGULA Regula family Dr. Walter Regula Re 11
REID family Record and Genealogy of George Reid John G. Reid Re 12
REIST Westward Ho - On the Trail of Elias and Annie Auker Reist and Their Descendents Larry D. Spicer Re 13
RENGGLI Renggli Compiled by Sr. Anne Renggli Re 13.1
REPOGLE Replogle/Reprogle Genealogy Edith Raymond and Paul Replogle Re 14
REXFORD Rexford family history Joy Deal Lehmann Re 15
REYNOLDS Diary of Benjamin Reynolds Transcribed by Rosalie Esmond Blizard Re 17
REYNOLDS Reynolds family history J. Montgomery Seaver Re 16
RHOADS Rhoads family history - The family and Ancestry of Jay Roscoe Rhoads Jay Roscoe Rhoads, Patricia Law Hatcher Rhoads-01
RICE Children of Elijah Rice and Bahama Baker Mary Lou Murphy Barrett Ri-01
RICHARDSON Reflections of Richardson Past and Present Linda J Willner Terry Ri-01.1
RICKARD Rickard family history Aileen Barker Rickard Ri-02
RIGGS Genealogy of the Riggs family, with a number of cognate branches descended from the original Edward through female lines and many biographical outlines. Volume 1 John H. Wallace RIGGS 01 v.1
RINALDOS Rinaldos from Poland - A family history Peter M. Rinaldo Ri-03
RINEY Riney, Blandford, Mulligan, and O'Daniel families of Maryland and Kentucky Thomas David Riney Ri-04
ROACH Roach Discovery Marvelene Roach Carney Ro-01
ROBERTS Roberts across America Mary Whitney ROBERTS 01
ROBERTS Roberts family Records J. Montgomery Seaver Ro-02
ROCHELLE Cotton fields and crazy notions, a daughter remembers life in a sharecropper's family Gloria Rochelle ROCHELLE 01
ROCK Rock family history 1807-1969 From Ireland to the United States of America Margaret M. Wagner Ro-03
ROCKEFELLER Rockefellers Peter Collier and David Horowitz Ro-03.1
ROGERS,OLDFIELD, FRONT Rogers, Oldfield, and Frost families Viettia Alberta Newcomb Ro-04
ROHRER I.B. Rohrer family of Church's Ferry, North Dakota Lois Rohrer Ljungren Ro-05
ROLFE Possums Run over Their Graves Rebecca Newsom Dobson Ro-06
ROMANOV Romanov Diary H. I. and R. H. Grand Duchess George Ro-07
ROMERO My family Backbone - A genealogy of Romero, Olivas, Cota, Picco, Eddy & Story family Evelyn Martinez Romero Ro-08
ROOSEVELT Roosevelt family Copied from Colonial families of America Ro-09
ROOSEVELT Roosevelt Genealogy, 1649-1902 Charles Barney Whittelsey Ro-10.1
ROOSEVELT Roosevelts of Hyde Park - An Untold Story Elliott Roosevelt and James Brough Ro-10
ROPER Known Ancestry of Samuel Clyde Roper and Tyree Lee Roper June Roper Walton Ro-14
ROSE Rev. Robert Rose and Rev. Charles Rose of Colonial Virginia and Wester Alves, Morayshire, Scotland, with brothers Patrick, James, Hugh, George, and Alexander, Ancestors and descendants of The Brothers Christine Rose Ro-11
ROSELLE Our family Traditions Curtis Coughlin Roselle Ro-12
ROSER Blossoming of the Rosers Marianne Holder Ro-13
ROUSE Clasping Hands with Generations Past - Rouse, Zimmerman, Tanner, and Henderson Emma Rouse Lloyd Ro-15
ROUTH Descendants of Benjamin Murrell Routh (Rev.) and Louisa Marion Lillard Ro-15.1
ROWLAND Rowland and Connected families Viettia Alberta Newcomb Ro-16
ROWLEY Descendants of Moses Rowley-Cape Cod, Mass., About 1715 H. S. Russell Ro-16.1
ROZAS Our Pilgrims Progress - The Rozsas, Ross, and Somodis of Hungary and Wisconsin Julius L. Ross Ro-17
RUBENCAME Rubencame Records Donor Milton Rubincam Ru-01
RUDD An Irish Rudd family 1760-1988 Norman N. Rudd Ru-02
RUDEL Leonard Rudel and Mary Elizabeth Lantzer, Ancestors and Descedants of Janet (MOORE)Bailey Ru-03
RUF Ruf, Haight, Eddy, Sumner, Hatch and allied families, genealogical and biographical Alpha H. Ruf RUF 01
RUTZEN In Search of family Rutzen Irma Wiese Whipple Ru-04
SABIN Sabin family of America, the four earliest generations Anson Titus SABIN 01
SALTERIO One Name, One family Paul W. Salterio Sa-01
SAMUELL Samuell/Samuel families of Tidewater, Virginia. Dorothy Stanaland Samuel and Col.Taliaferro Leslie Samuel III Sa-03
SANDFORD Isaac Sandford family 1796-1975 Phillip F. Schlee Sa-04
SANDFORD Robert Sandford And His Wife Ann Adams Sanford With Some of Their descendants 1615-1930 Josephine Sandford Ware Sa-05
SANTAYANA Persons and Places The Background of My Life George Santayana Sa-06
SAVAGE Savage Roots and Branches Beatrice Nicoll Savage Sa-06.1
SAVOY Savoy Heritage 1621 to Present Louis Germain Savoy Sa-09
SAVOY Savoys of Acadia Louis Germain Savoy Sa-07
SCEVA Recollections by "The Old Man of the Mountain" Paul H. Sceva Sc-01
SCHRODER At Final Anchor - Glengary Dorothy L. Nelson Sc-03
SCHROEDER Carl Ludwig Schroeder in Germany and United States, The Forebears And descendants of Theodore W. Schroeder Sc-05
SCHUBDREIN Schubdrein/Schibendrein family in Germany 1666-1751, Ancestors of Shuptrine Familly From Georgia Hilde Shuptrine Farley and Alfred Earl Farley Sc-04
SCHULER Philip Schuler family 1822-1983 from Stotterheim, saxony-weimar, Germany Ilagene Mertens Salzman Sc-06
SCHWARZTRAUBER Schwarztrauber, Stewart and related families Sayre Archie Schwarztrauber Sc-07
SCOTT Benjamin Thixton Scott William H. Rice Sc-08
SEDORE Sedore family history, Volume , Coonradt Sedore of New York Daniel I. Murphy, Esq. Se-01.1
SEIDNER Seidner and Kepler families Se-03
SELLE Selle family Heritage Book Beatrice Bayley Se-04
SETCHFIELD, HOMES Setchfield and Holmes families OF Whittlesey Cambridgeshire England - A Social & Famiy history 1660-1990 Vol 1 Anne Hait Christian Se-05
SETTLE Settle/Suttle family William Emmett Reese Se-06
SEWARD Seward and related families George C. Seward SEWARD Pt.1
SEWARD Supplement to Seward and related families SEWARD Pt.2
SHALLUS Man Behind Quill - Jacob Shallus, Caligrapher of U. S. Constitution Arthur Plotnick Sh-01
SHANNON Shannon Wayne E. Shannon, compiler Shannon-01
SHAPLEIGH, SHAPLEY, SHAPPLEY Shapleigh, Shapley, and Shappley families Brian J. L. Berry Sh-02
SHAPLEY Westward the American Shapleys Brian J. L. Berry,PH.D Sh-04
SHARP Biography Dr. Alexander Sharp, Major and Paymaster; His Antecedants and descendants Margaret Sharp Angus Sh-04.1
SHAVER Little Shavers - "Neither Fame nor Fortune" 1824-1977 Margaret L. Shaver Shields Sh-05
SHED Daniel Shed Genealogy 1327-1920 Frank E. Shed Sh-06
SHELBURNE Shelburne - The Book of Augustine Richard W. Buck Sh-07
SHELBURNE Shelburne - The Book of Samuel Richard W. Buck Sh-08
SHEPARDSON Shepardson/Judd family John Eaton Shepardson Sh-09
SHEPPARD, MARSHALL Sheppard-Marshall and allied families: Burrows, Clark, Deakins/Dickens, Gatchell, Graves, Green, Hibbs, Hudson, and many others Lilliam A. Sheppard SHEPPARD 01
SHERIDAN Life of Sheridan Thomas Moore Sh-10
SHERK Sherk/Shirk 1732 Freundschaff 1982 Lyle R. Sherk Sh-11
SHERRILL Samuel Sherrill family of Long Island, New York Charles H. Sherrill, Jr. Sh-13
SHERTZER Shertzer family from Michelfeld Noah M. Brubaker and Richard W. Shertzer Sh-14
SHERWOOD Daniel L. Sherwood and His Paternal Ancestors Andrew Sherwood Sh-15
SHIRLEY Shirley family genealogy SHIRLEY 01
SHIRLEY Shirley letters Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe SHIRLEY 02
SHOUN Leonard Shoun and His Wife Barbara Slemp, Johnson County, Tennessee Carl B. Neal Sh-16
SIEBENTHALER Supplement to the Siebenthaler family history 1942-1956 M. J. Siebenthaler Si-01
SIKES Sikes/Sykes Tributaries Sikes-01
SIMERLY Simerly, Simmerly, Zimerly Frank Simerly Si-03
SIMONSON Simonson Miscellaneous Research Data, Vol. IV, 1980 Ruby Simonson McNeill Si-02
SIMPSON Simpsons of Shore Acres Stephen Dow Beckham SIMPSON 01
SIMS Genealogy of the Sims family Mabel B. McClure, compiler, Mary Josephine Genung Nichols, Leon Nelson Michols SIMS 01
SINGER Coat of Arms - Singer family Tree John William Singer Si-04
SINK Sink descendants - Jacob Zinck, Pioneer Violet M. Sink Stokes Si-05
SINYARD France to America - Sinyard and related families AL, GA, SC, PA Delton Blalock Si-06
SISSON Yankee Heritage - A Sisson Ancestry Brain J. L. Berry Si-07
SJOSTEDT Sjostedt/Schustedt/Sustad family history Dennis Warnes and Larry Anderson Sj-01
SKEEN Skeen A. T. Skeen Sk-02
SKEER Skeer family history - Nathan and His descendants Audrey Allen Sk-01
SKELTON John Skelton of Georgia Col. John W. Skelton Sk-03
SLOAT Sloat and Cromberg Margaret and John Posen Sl-01
SMEAD Smead Genealogy Edward Billings Smead Sm-02
SMELTZER Irish-Palatine Smeltzers Around the World Majorie R. Smeltzer Sm-01
SMITH Adventures of Captain John Smith E. P. Roberts Sm-08
SMITH Ancestors and their families, compiled by the publishers of Smith Papers from charts submitted by subscribers and readers of the periodical Smith Papers. Volume 1 Martin and Mary Sims Smith-01
SMITH Complete Genealogy of the descendants of Matthew Smith of East Haddam, Connecticut, with Mention of His Ancestors, 1637-1890 Mrs. Sophia (Smith) Martin Sm-08.2
SMITH Excerps from Hundreds of Immigrants and Settlers in the Pedigree of Edith Smith Edith Smith Cable Sm-07
SMITH Ralph Smith 1984, Report of Assoc. of descendants of Sm-06
SMITH Smith family - Pioneers of the South Wilmer Lane Smith Sm-05
SMITH Smith Gentes, colonials, continentals, Americans Rosalie Coudray Smith Sm-03
SMITH Smith Gentes, colonials, continentals, Americans & royal subjects. Volume II Rosalie Coudray Smith Sm-04
SMITH Working with People, Bugs, and Apples Malcom L. Smith Sm-08.1
SMITHERS, KELLY, WINFIELD, JOHNSON Tanglewood Chronicles Smithers, Kelly, Winfield, Johnson, and allied families Debra W. Smithers Ta-02
SMITHSON Mr. Smithson Goes to Washington John C. Fledderjohn Sm-10
SMITHSON Smithsons and Relatives Jessie Hezekiah Smithson Sm-09
SOMERVILLE Somerville family and descendants 1789-1963 Violette Somerville Machir So-01
SPALDING Spalding E. F. Baty Sp-01
SPARKS Sparks Index Sp-02
SPENCER Ancestry and Progeny of Arthur Champlin Spencer Jr. and Mary Chamberlain Spencer Arthur C. Spencer III Sp-03
SPENCER Spencer Citings Dorothy Wooldridge Person Sp-05
SPRAGUE Genealogy of the Sprague's in Higham …William Sprague … arrived at Naukeag from England in the year 1628 SPRAGUE 01
SPURLING Spurling family Larry Richard Spurling Sp-07
SPURR Spurr Genealogy Evelyn Davis Fincher Sp-08
STACKHOUSE Stackhouse - An Original Pennsylvania Eugene Glenn Stackhouse St-01
STAMTAVLE Stamtavle for Slaegten Schreiner 1659-1988 St-06
STAUFFER Stauffer, Stouffer, Stover, and related families Richard E. Stauffer St-07
STEARNS Genealogy and memoirs of Isaac Stearns and his descendants Avis Stearns Van Wagenen STEARNS v.1
STEARNS Genealogy and memoirs of Isaac Stearns and his descendants Avis Stearns Van Wagenen STEARNS v.2
STEIN Steins of Muscatine S. G. Stein St-03
STEPHENS Descendants of John Stephens and Lucretia Gaskill of New Jersey, 1735-1991 James F. Stephens St-04
STEVENSON Thomas Stevenson of London, England, and his descendants [1902] John Rudderow Stevenson STEVENSON 01
STEWART Genealogy and history of the Stewart family Martha Jane Stone St-08
STEWART Stewart family, Vol II Martha Jane Stone St-09
STITHAM Amos Stitham Amos Stitham St-10.1
STORY Descendents of Lincoln Lionel STORY and Almira Denison MARCOTT Gertrtude Floyd, Lincoln Lloyd Almira, and Hazel Addie Altha STORY 01
STOUTENBURGH Stoutenburgh-Stoutenborough Graves Mrs. Geo. W. Brune St-18
STOVALL Descendants of Bartholomew Stovall, 1655-1722, first five American generations Donald E. Bishop, compiler Stovall-01
STOVER Stover, Stoever, Staver, Stiver, an Account of the Ancestry and descendants of Johann Caspar STOEVER Vernon Stiver and Patricia R. Donaldson St-11
STRADLEY Some American Descendents of John Stradley and Minnie Jackson Stradley June R. Walton St-05
STRATEN Inventaire Des Archives de la Famille Van Der Straten-Waillet Andree Van Nieuwenhuysen and Francoise Ladrier St-13.1
STROTHER Genealogy of the Strother family Mary Strother Spencer St-14
STROUD Saga of Strouds and Strodes, The O. J. Perry St-15
STUBBS Descendants of Richard Stubbs, 1619-1677 of Hull, Mass. [2d ed] Marjorie Anne Stubbs Heaney STUBBS 01
STULL Stull family - Julia Ann Stull 1814-1872 and Her Ancestors, The Wayne Jones St-16.1
SWARTZBAUGH Swartzbaugh family in America 1749-1984 Constance H. Swartzbaugh Sw-01
SWASEY Genealogy of the Swasey family which includes the descendants of the Swezey families of Southold, Long Island, New York, and the descendants of the Swayse families of Roxbury, now Chester, New Jersey Benjamin Franklin Swasey SWASEY 01
SWAYER Swayer and Mathews, Central New York, Otsage and Delaware Counties William S. Bergen Sw-02
SWEAZEA Sweazea, a pioneer family Clete Sweezea SWEAZEA 01
TALBOT Edward William Talbot of Cambridge, New York John C. LaPiana Ta-01
TAYLOR family of John Henry Taylor, Jr. Alice and Edwin Mortensen Ta-03
TAYLOR Taylors and Tates of the South Ann K. Blomquist Ta-04
TERJESON Ellis Island and Me Thomas Terjeson Te-03
THOM Rev. John C. Thom Th-02
THOMAS Darius Thomas 1816-1892 L. Frances M. McMeen Th-03
THOMAS Thomas, Churloins, and allied family Line Berwyn B. Thomas Th-04
THOMPSON Descendents of John Thompson 1994 James W. Thompson Th-08
THOMPSON Samuel Thompson of McMinn County, Tennessee Mary Ann Morris Thompson Th-07
THOMPSON Thompson Heritage Sidney Price Th-06
THOMPSON Thompson Twigs Eberle and Thompson Th-09
THORN Thorn family history Daniel I. Murphy Th-09.1
THORNDIKE, STRATTON Thorndike family history - descendants of John and Elizabeth (Stratton) Thorndike Scott C. Steward, and John Bradley Arthaud Thorndike-01
THORNSBERRY Thornsberry Roots and Branches Jean LeBeau Th-10
THRANE Marcus Thrane, A Norwegian Radical in America Terje L. Leiren Th-11
THREADGILL Threadgills, Book II Wordna Threadgill Wicker Th-11.1
TINGLEY Tingley family of Malden, Massachusetts Raymon Meyers Tingley Ti-02
TITUS Titus family Heritage Book Ti-03
TODD Todd genealogy Paul R. Todd TODD 01
TODD, WHEELER Todd, the Wheelers TODD 02
TOMES Ancestry of Alice Tomes, wife of Gov. Thomas Welles ofConnecticut Lemuel Aiken Welles TOMES 01
TOMKINS Tomkins-Tompkins Genealogy Robert A. Tompkins To-01
TOTTEN Tottens of America Marjorie Scribner Wilcox To-02
TOWLE Descendants of Jonathan Towle Alvin F. Towle To-03
TOZER Jared Tozer and His descendants W. D. Hamilton Tozer-01
TRUAX Truax/Truex family of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey Barbara Carver Smith Tr-01
TRUCHOT Chips-Truchot Theresa Truchot Tr-02
TRUNDLE Our Maryland Heritage, Book 20, Trundle and allied families of Montgomery County, Maryland William Neal Hurley, Jr. Tr-03
TSUKAMAKIS Tsukamakis of Ontario. Hisroshima, Japan to Ontario, Oregon. Stories of immigration to integration 1890-2003 Sam and Dee Goto TSUKAMAKIS 01
TULPS Tulps of Rhoiderland, Osteriesland, Germany Dorothe L. Wright Tu-01
TWITCHELL Descendents of John and Sarah Twitchell of Derby, Connecticut, 1699-1991 Phillip G. and Henry D. Twitchell Tw-01
UPHAM Upham Genealogy F. K. Upham Up-01
USSATIS Ussatis family 1833-1991 Randy Peterson Us-01
UTTERBACK Up from the Hardpan - Rufus M. Utterback Elizabeth M. Utterback Ut-01
VALLEJO Vallejos of Mission San Jose Ruy E. Kern Va-0\1
VAN DEUSEN Abraham Van Deusen and His Many Descendents 1635-1901 Charles B. Benson VanDe-01
VAN DOORN Van Doorn family of Holland and America, 1088-1908, Part 1 A. VanDoren Honeyman VanD-01
VAN DOORN Van Doorn family of Holland and America, 1088-1908, Part 2 A. VanDoren Honeyman VanD-02
VAN DREVELDTS Lives and Letters of an Immigrant family 1844-1866 Kenneth Kronenberg VanD-04
VAN DYKE Van Dyke Elizabeth Preston Baty VanD-03
VAN SLYCK, VAN SLYKE Van Slyck (Van Slyke) family history - descendants of Broer Cornelis Van Slyck from 1634-1999 W. Barton Van Slyke, M.D. Van Slyck-01
VAN VALKENBURG Suppl Van Valkenburg family in America. Supplement to volumes I and II Paul I. Van Valkenburg, compiler Van Valkenburg Supp.
VAN VALKENBURG v.1 Van Valkenburg family in America, genealogy of the known descendants of Lambert and Annatje Van Valckenburg who migrated to New Amsterdam, New York, in 1642-44. Volume I Paul I. Van Valkenburg, compiler Van Valkenburg v. 1
VAN VALKENBURG v.2 Van Valkenburg family in America, genealogy of the known descendants of Lambert and Annatje Van Valckenburg who migrated to New Amsterdam, New York, in 1642-44. Volume II Paul I. Van Valkenburg, compiler Van Valkenburg v. 2
VARIAN Varian family Sam Briggs Va-02
VASS Vass and allied families - Descendents of Vincent and Mary (Cosner) Vass Alvin L. Anderson Va-03
VAUGHN Vaughn Diary Va-04
VEGIAR LaBONTE Vegiar LaBonte family tree VEGIAR LaBONTE
VIETS Viets Female Lines - Descendents of Dr. John Viets Dorothy Dean Viets Schell Vi-01
VIRDIN Virdins of Delaware and related families Donald Odell Virdin Vi-02
VOORHEES Lesley E. Voorhees Records, Vol 1 Lesley E. Voorhees Vo-01
WADE Wade genealogy Stewart C. Wade WADE
WADSWORTH George Allen Wadsworth - Philley to Panaca Helen Free Vanderback Wa1
WAGGENER Waggener Trace L. A. Waggener Jr. Wa2
WALBORN Walborn (Walburn) Genealocial history of American descendants Since 1709 Herman W. Walborn Wa3
WALKER Lewis Walker of Chester Valley and his descendants [5 microfiche] Priscilla Walker Streets WALKER 01 fiche
WALTON Get One Legal - Roy Walton Gene L. Goodman Wa4
WALWORTH Walworth Genealogy 1878-1984 Victor Harold Walworth Wa5
WANZER History of the WANZER family in America William David Wanzer WANZER 01
WARD Ward brothers, champions of the world Irene Ward Norsen WARD
WARREN Richard Warren of the Mayflower and his descendants for four generations Robert S. Wakefield, Janice A. Beebe, et al., compilers WARREN 02
WARREN Warren family of Trigg County, Kentucky Martha Jane Stone Wa8
WARTENBE Ancestors and descendants of William and Catherine (White) Wartenbe of New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio Mary Esther Ford Wa10
WASHINGTON Washington's and Their Homes John W. Wayland Wa8.1
WATCHORN Autobiography of Robert Watchorn Herbert Faulkner West Wa11
WATERBURY Ezra Waterbury and His descendants Joan Search Hanson Wa9
WATERS New England ancestry of Oren Waters, 1778-1873, of Stoughton, Massachusetts and Pittsburg, Pennyslvania Elizabeth J. Harrell WATERS 02
WATERS Trails through time, Waters' genealogy Margaret Waters Pautzke and Mildred Waters Shirley Waters 01
WATKINS Some Watkins family of Virginia and Their Kin John Hale Stutesman Wa12
WATSON Our family Heritage Joseph Edwin Watson family Wa13.1
WATSON Watson family from Irish Emigrants to Mayflower descendants Samuel E. Watson Wa13
WAUGH Waugh family history - John of Litchfield, Connecticut, Milo and Elizabeth (Kious) Waugh of Ohio and Indiana Patricia Lee (Russ) Wough Wa14
WAYMIRE John Rudolph Waymire and the First Three Generations of his descendants William M. Reser Wa15
WEBB Log Book and Ancestry of Myron Safford Webb 1840 Charles D. and Edna W. Townsend We1
WEBB Six Columbiana County, Ohio Pioneer families family Volume 2 John Webb (C1754-1824) and Elizabeth Montgomery: Ancestors And descendants William Brooks Fetters We2
WEBSTER Andrew W. Webster We5
WEBSTER Ann Rigby Webster We4
WEGER, ANDERMANN, QUITMEYER, LINDERWELL Golden Threads Volume 1 Weger, Andermann, Quitmeyer, Linderwell, and allied families William G. Weger We6
WEIGEL Descendants of John Martin Weigel b. 1703 Saalbach, Bradenburg, Prussia, Came to America 1730 We7
WEIMER Weimer family, Johann Martin and Catherina Barbara Trautmann WEIMER 02
WEIMER Weimer family, Martin, John, Frederick WEIMER 01
WELCH Osias Welch of Mehlenberg County, Kentucky and His descendants. Linda M. Worstell We8
WELLER Descendants of the Weller family, The Betty Lou Finks We8.1
WELLES Descendents of Governor Thomas Welles of Connecticut, 1590-1658, and his wife, Alice Tomen Donna Holt Siemiatkoski WELLES 01
WELLES History of te Welles family in England, with their derivation in this country from Governor Thomas Welles of Connecticut Henry Winthrop Sargent Welles 02
WELLS International Wells Research Index We9
WENHAM Ancestors and descendants of Louis Eugene Wenham and Stella May Brown Marilyn Alice Wenham Kildahl We10
WENTZ Wentz-Werner Connection,The Dorothy Stephenson We11
WERNER Country Carpenter Josiah Werner 1863-1926 Catherine M. Rhoads We11.1
WERTH family of Johann Christian Heinrich Werth and Anna Meta Ellinghausen Gary V. Gehlbach We12
WESLEY John Wesley William Holden Hutton We13
WESLEY John Wesley John Donald Wade We14
WEST Family history - West We15
WEST West family register, important lines traced, 1326-1928 Letta Brock Stone WEST
WETHERALL Wetherall Records Kevin Weaterall We15.1
WEYHER Weyher Genealogy 1600-1981 Henry Frederick Weyher Jr. We16
WHEELER Ancestry of Paul Holland Wheelers and Almira Wheeler Rose Martha Miller Willett Wh1
WHIDDON Whiddon's from England to America David T. Whiddon Wh1.1
WHITE Ancestral chronological record of the William White family, from 1607-8 to 1895 Thomas White, Samuel White WHITE, WILLIAM
WHITE Excerpts from Genesis of the White family Emma Siggins White Wh1.2
WHITEHEAD Rev. William W. Whitehead Mississippi Pioneer E. Grey Dimond Wh2
WHITNEY Ancestors and descendants of Theodore Roosevelt Whitney 1902-1979 Harold Coleman Whitney Wh3
WHITNEY Whitney family of Connecticut Volume 1 S. Whitney Phoenix Wh4
WHITNEY Whitney family of Connecticut Volume 2 S. Whitney Phoenix Wh5
WHITNEY Whitney family of Connecticut Volume 3 S. Whitney Phoenix Wh6
WIATT Wiatt family of Virginia Alexander Lloyd Wiatt WIATT 01
WIEDEL Ancestral Chart of Louise and Roberta Wiedel Wi1
WIESE In Search of family Wiese Irma Wiese Whipple Wi1.1
WIESE In Search of Uncle Julius, the Wanderer Irma Wiese Whipple Wi1.2
WIGFIELD Wigfield and Nelson families J. Douglas Bradshaw Wi2
WIGHTMAN George Wightman and descendants Mary Ross Whitman Wi3
WIGHTMAN George Wightman, 1602-1722, One Line of His descendants, Together with the allied families to 1937 Leone G. Clarke Wightman-01
WILCOXSON Wilcoxson families of New England Martha Scott Osborne Wi 2.1
WILHITE Wilhite Centuries Steven C. Jones Wi4
WILLARD Willard - Peabody Genealogy Eugene Willard Montgomery Wi6
WILLARD Willard family McKinley (Jay) Willard Wi5
WILLIAMS Martha Jane (Thornton) Williams 1842-1918 Indian history and Genealogy Donna Jeanne Williams Wi7
WILLIAMS Rober Williams Prophet and Pioneer Emily Easton Wi8
WILLIAMS Robert Williams, His Life, Work, and Ideals Charles Smull Longacre Wi9
WILLIAMS Williams, 300 years of leadership in America, a history of the descendants of John Williams of Llangollen, Wales Williams, compilers WILLIAMS JOHN
WILSON Wilson families Etc. Mary Alicia Norman Wi17
WINDSOR Ancestors of the Royal family of Great Britain, Windsor and Hanover families Mary E.and G.W. 'Bill' Eberle Wi11
WINDSOR Majesty - Elizabeth and the House of Windsor Robert Lacey Wi10
WINETEER Wineteer's Part of Their Story Corraine Wineteer Bengtson Wi12
WINSLOW Genealogical memoir of the descendants of Edward Winslow, governor of Plymouth colony Wilslow 01
WINSTON Winston's of Hanover County, Virginia Alfred Sumner Winston III Wi13
WINTERS Winters, The Story of Mabel Annie Richins Mabel Annie Richins Winters Winters-01
WISE Wise and Howe from New England to Oregon Loren and Louise (Vahl) Wise Wi15
WISE Wise and Wyse families of South Carolina Sybil and Wallace Harmon Wi14
WOLFE Our Wolfe and York Kin Lydia Jane Brothers and Annabelle Toliver Wo1
WOLTZ Woltz family Flora Lee Woltz WOLTZ
WOODIN Geauga Woodin's 1834-1984 Ralph J. Woodin Wo2
WOODWARD Woodward/Woodard Ancestors of New England Lindsay S. Reeks Wo3
WOODWARD Woodwards research Woodward-01
WOODWORTH Descendants of Walter Woodworth of Scituate, Mass. Sketch of Samuel Wodworth and his descendants Elijah B. Woodworth WOODWORTH 01
WREATH From Ulster to Pennsylvania and Westward - Benjamin and Mary Hamilton Wreath Kathy Wreath Ruud and Martha Wreath Streeter Wr1
WRIGHT Parentage of Susanna Wright, wife of Richard Pearce of Portsmouth, Rhode Island Benjamin Franklin Wilbour WRIGHT 01
WRIGHT Wright family, records of the families of Thomas and Joseph Wright of England andNew England WRIGHt 02
WRISTEN Wristen/Riston family - Ancestors and descendants Of Elisha Riston and Sarah Ann Mayoh Sophie C. and Robert Wristen Fisher Wr2
YATES Genealogy of James Yates the Immigrant to Pennsylvania 1684 William A. Yates Ya1
YEAGER Yeager family Album R. Robert Mutrie Ye1
YEISLEY James Walter Yeisley, The Ancestors of Veda G. Jones Ye2
YOUNG Ewing Young, Master Trapper Kenneth L. Holmes Yo2
YOUNG Washington Young of Wayne County, Kentucky and His descendants. Asher Leon Young Yo1
YOUNK Genealogical Chart of the descendants of Catherine Younk Yo3
ZEITLER Upon the Shoulders of Giants, Vernon Arthur Zeitler - Thelma (Poorbaugh) Zeitler Volume 1 Vernon Arthur and Thelma (Poorbaugh) Zeitler Ze1
ZOBELL Descendants of Ole and Hans Zobell Dean H. ZoBell Zo1
ZWIEFELHOFER family of Jacob Zwiefelhofer and Eva Dvorak Mrs. David Zwiefelhofer Zw1
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