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China to Denmark

Country Title Author Call Number
China China Connection - Finding Ancestral Roots for Chinese in America Jeanie W. Chooey Low FOR-chi-05
China Chinese America Family Album Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler FOR-chi-03
China Chinese-American - How and Where To Research Robert D. Reed FOR-chi-02
China Early Chinese Newspapers of Singapore 1881-1912 Chen Mong Hock FOR-chi-04
China Student's Guide to Chinese-American Genealogy Colleen She FOR-chi-01
Cuba Censos, Padrones, y Matricu'las de la Poblacions de Cuba Peter E. Carr FOR-cub-03
Cuba Cuba - De Investigacion'es Genealogica's Lyman D. Platt FOR-cub-02
Cuba Guide to Cuban Genealogical Research Peter E. Carr FOR-cub-01
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, A Bibliographic Guide Rudolf Sturm FORczec-3
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia, A Guide Simon Hayman FORczec-4
Czechoslovakia Genealogical Research for Czech and Slovak Americans Olga K. Miller FORczec-5
Czechoslovakia Roots in Czechoslovakia and Dakota Koreni V Cechach I V Dakote (1993 Supplement) Vernon F. Petrik FORczec-1
Czechoslovakia Tracing Your Czech and Slovak Roots Maralyn A. Wellauer FORczec-2
Denmark 1688 Census of the Danish West Indies, Denmark David W. Knight, Translated by Gary T. Horlacher FOR-den-04
Denmark Beginner's guide to Danish genealogical research Finn A.Thomsen, compiler FOR-den-10
Denmark Beginning Danish Research, Denmark Nancy Ellen Carberg and Norma Keating FOR-den-01.5
Denmark Danish genealogical research. Parish registers. Volume 1 Joseph Grant Stevenson Foreign DENMARK 11 v.1
Denmark Danish genealogical research. Census records. Volume 2 Joseph Grant Stevenson Foreign DENMARK 11 v.2
Denmark Danish genealogical research. Probate indexes. Volume 3: Fyn, Langeland, Aero Joseph Grant Stevenson Foreign DENMARK 11 v.3
Denmark Danish genealogical research. Military records. Volume 4 Jos Joseph Grant Stevenson Foreign DENMARK 11 v.4
Denmark Det Danske Post-OG Telegraf-Vaesen, Denmark H.Hjorth-Nielsen FOR-den-08
Denmark Dictionary of the English and Danish Languages Cecil Hornbeck FOR-den-09
Denmark Genealogical Guidebook and Atlas of Denmark Frank Smith, Finn A. Thomsen FOR-den-02
Denmark Parish Register Index - Praesto Amt. Denmark Reg. AF Kirkegoger Arla Nielson FOR-den-06
Denmark Parish Register Index - Svendborg Amt. Denmark Reg. AF Kirkegoger, Denmark Arla Nielson FOR-den-07
Denmark Rigstelfon Katalog - Post-og Telegrafvaesenets 1966, Denmark Navneregister FOR-den-01
Denmark Scandinavian Genealogical Research Danish - Norwegian Finn A.Thomsen FOR-dan/nor-01
Denmark Searching for Your Danish Ancestors, Denmark   FOR-den-03
Denmark Tedsskrit for kulturhistorie og lokalhistorie Udgivet af Dansk historisk Faellesforening, Denmark   FOR-den-05
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