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Greece to Iran

Country Title Author Call Number
Greece Let's Visit Greece Garry Lyle FOR-gre-01
Hispanic Apuntes Biograficos de personas y familias de chiloe insular Frandisco J. Cavada FOR-hisp-11
Hispanic Archivo General de la Provincia Santa Fe   FOR-hisp-10
Hispanic Census Records for Latin America and the Hispanic United States Lyman D. Platt FOR-hisp-02
Hispanic Colombia - Land of El Dorado   FOR-hisp-04
Hispanic Finding Your Hispanic Roots George R. Ryskamp FOR-hisp-00
Hispanic Genealogical Historical Guide to Latin America Lyman D. Platt FOR-hisp-06
Hispanic Harkness Collection in the Library of Congress Calendar of Spanish Manuscripts Concerning Peru 1531-1651   FOR-hisp-05
Hispanic Hispanic Surnames and Family History Lyman D. Platt FOR-hisp-01
Hispanic Historia De San Juan 1521 - 1898   FOR-hisp-09
Hispanic Military Records of Latin America Lyman D. Platt FOR-hisp-08
Hispanic Nuevo Diccionario Geografico Historico De La Republica Argentina Javier Marrazzo FOR-hisp-12
Hispanic Tracing Your Hispanic Heritage George R. Ryskamp FOR-hisp-03
Hispanic Una Bibliografia De Historias Familiares De Latinoamerica Y Los estados Unidos Lyman D. Platt FOR-hisp-07
Holland Baptismal Records - Dutch Reformed Churches in City of Groningen - Volume 1, 1640-1649 JoAnn Riley McKey FOR-hol-01
Holland Baptismal Records - Dutch Reformed Churches in City of Groningen - Volume 2, 1650-1659 JoAnn Riley McKey FOR-hol-02
Holland Guide to genealogical sources in the Netherlands--Zeeland Gen. Soc. Of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints FOR-hol-04
Holland Names, Names, Locating Your Dutch Ancestors in Colonial America Arthur C. M. Kelly FOR-hol-03
Hungary Kiralyi Konyvek, Hungary Dr. Gero Jozsef FOR-hun-02
Hungary Let's Visit Hungary Julian Popescu FOR-hun-01
Iran Soraya - Autobiography of Her Imperial Highness Soraya Esfandiary FOR-iran-01
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