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Title Author Call Number
American Commission on Conditions in Ireland 1920 FOR-ire-49
Armagh, county guide Foreign IRELAND 093
Beginning Irish Research Nancy Ellen Carlberg FOR-ire-01
Bibliography of Genealogical Sources for the Counties of Northern Ireland Peggy Magee FOR-ire-08
Book of Irish Families - Great and Small Michael C. O'Laughlin FOR-ire-25
Book of Irish Names: First, Family and Place names Ronan Coghlan, Ida Grehan & PW Joyce FOR-ire-80
Chronicum Scotorum. A Chronicle of Irish affairs, from the earliest tims to A.D. 1135, with a supplement containing the events from 1141 to 1150 William M. Hennessy Foreign IRELAND 91
Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland C. Thomas Cairney FOR-ire-70
Clans and families of Ireland, the heritage and heraldry of Irish clans and families John Grenham FOR-ire-82
Complete Book For Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, The Michael C. O'Laughlin FOR-ire-80 (B)
County Antrim, Ireland 1851, Census (Fragments) Josephine Masterson FOR-ire-71
County Longford and Its People David Leahy FOR-ire-54
Cyclopedia of Ireland FOR Ireland 85 CD
Dictionary of Irish Biography Henry Boylan FOR-ire-74
Dictionary of Irish family names Ida Grehan FOR-ire-81
Emigrants from Ireland to America 1734-1743 Frances McDonnell FOR-ire-11
Emigrants from Ireland to America 1847-1852 Eilish Ellis FOR-ire-68
Familia Ulster Genealogical Review Volume 2 No. 1 Ulster genealogical & Historical Guild FOR-ire-31
Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address 2nd Edition Lord of Duhallow FOR-ire-27
Genealogical Guide for North Americans Kyle J. Betit and Dwight A. Radford FOR-ire-65
Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland Heraldic Artists Ltd. FOR-ire-22
Genealogist Guide to Belfast Nancy Ellen Carlberg FOR-ire-66
Genealogist Guide to Dublin Nancy Ellen Carlberg FOR-ire-67
General alphabetical index to the townlands and towns, parishes and baronies of Ireland, based on the census of Ireland for the year 1851 FOR ire 83
Going to America Terry Coleman FOR-ire-59
Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards Brian Mitchell FOR-ire-45
Guide to Irish Roots William and Mary Durning FOR-ire-06
Handbook on Irish Genealogy 2nd Impression Heraldic Artists Ltd. FOR-ire-03
Handbook on Irish genealogy. how to trace your ancestors and relatives in Ireland 5th Impression Heraldic Artists Ltd. FOR-ire-03.5
Heirlooms of Ireland Joseph J. Osborne FOR-ire-26
History the Irish Settlers in North America (Up to 1850 Census) Thomas D'Arcy McGee FOR-ire-15
Householder's Index - The Griffith's Valuation Betty Pfeiffer FOR-ire-40
Huguenot Settlements in Ireland Grace Lawless Lee FOR-ire-78
Index to Irish Wills W.P. W. Phillmore and Gertrude Thrift FOR-ire-37
Index to Raphoe Marriage Licence Bond 1710-1755, 1817-1830 Rosemary Ffolliott FOR-ire-47
Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810 Sir Arthur Vicars FOR-ire-36
Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Barones of Ireland 1851 FOR-ire-43
Inside Ireland, Genealogical Supplement Henry McDowell FOR-ire-05
Ireland - 1841 and 1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland) Josephine Masterson FOR-ire-61
Ireland - 1841 and 1851 Census Abstracts (Republic of Ireland) Josephine Masterson FOR-ire-62
Ireland - A Genealogical Guide for North Americans Kyle J. Betit and Dwight A. Radford FOR-ire-57
Ireland of the Wellcomes 1978 FOR-ire-58
Irish Americans J. F. Watts FOR-ire-50
Irish Ancestor, No. 1, 1969 FOR-ire-55
Irish Ancestor, No. 2, 1969 FOR-ire-56
Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research Volume 1 Repositories & Records Margaret Dickson Falley FOR-ire-16
Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research Volume 2 Bibliography & Family Index Margaret Dickson Falley FOR-ire-17
Irish Emigration List 1833-1839 Brian Mitchell FOR-ire-12
Irish Families - Their Names, Arms, and Origin Edward MacLysaght FOR-ire-24
Irish Family Histories Ida Grehan FOR-ire-21
Irish Family History Marilyn Yurdan FOR-ire-32
Irish Family History Volume 5 Nora M. Hickey FOR-ire-23
Irish family homes map, arms and mediaeval locations Foreign IRELAND 88
Irish Family Names 1st Edition Captain Patrick Kelly FOR-ire-28
Irish Family Research Made Simple, 2nd Edition E. J. Collins FOR-ire-75
Irish in New England Thomas H. O'Connor, Marie e. Daly & Edward L. Galvin FOR-ire-20
Irish Parish Registers Brian Mitchell FOR-ire-44
Irish Passenger List 1803-1806 Brian Mitchell FOR-ire-13
Irish Passenger List 1847-1871 Brian Mitchell FOR-ire-14
Irish Pedigrees - Volume 1 John O'Hart FOR-ire-33
Irish Pedigrees - Volume 2 John O'Hart FOR-ire-34
Irish Rebellion of 1798 Richard Musgrave FOR-ire-53
Irish Records James G. Ryan FOR-ire-35
Irish Research and Sources Betty L. McCay FOR-ire-09
Irish Scots and Scotch-Irish John C. Linehan Foreign IRELAND 87
Irish wills, 5 volumes FOR Ireland 86 CD
Key to the Ancient Parish Registers Arthur Burke FOR-ire-46
Kilkenny, history and society, interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish county William Nolan, Kevin Whelan Foreign IRELAND 092
Land and People of Ireland Elinor O'Brien FOR-ire-51
Land Owners in Ireland 1876 FOR-ire-39
Master Book of Irish Surnames Locations, Ethnicity, Spellings, and Sources Michael C. O'Laughlin FOR-ire-30
Naming names, who, what, where in Ireland Bernard Share Foreign IRELAND 89
New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, 2nd Edition Brian Mitchell FOR-ire-77
Northern Ireland newspapers FOR-ire-79
Out of Ireland Kerby Miller and Paul Wagner FOR-ire-10
Peerage of Ireland Mr. E. Kimber FOR-ire-73
Phillimore atlas and index of parish registers. 3rd ed. Cecil R. Humphrey-Smith FOR Ireland 84
Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy, Second Edition Brian Mitchell FOR-ire-76
Register of Tristernagh M. V. Clarke FOR-ire-48
Scotch-Irish Bill Durning, Mary Durning Foreign IRELAND 90
Scotch-Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America Charles Knowles Bolton FOR-ire-18
Story of the Irish Race Seumas MacManus FOR-ire-52
Student's Guide to Irish American Genealogy Erin McKenna FOR-ire-02
Surnames of Ireland Edward MacLysaght FOR-ire-29
Surnames of Ireland. 5th edition Edward MacLysaght FOR-ire-29.5
Tombstones of Ireland Counties Down and Roscommon Joanne C. Fisher Schmidt FOR-ire-72
Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Volume 1 Samuel Lewis FOR-ire-41
Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Volume 2 Samuel Lewis FOR-ire-42
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors John Grenham FOR-ire-04
Ulster Sails West William F. Marshall FOR-ire-19
Who Were those Celts Kevin Duffy FOR-ire-60
Wills and Where To Find Them J.S.W. Gibson FOR-ire-38
Your Irish Ancestors J. Anderson Black FOR-ire-07
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