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Peru to Russia

Country Title Author Call Number
Peru The Harkness Collection, Peru 1531-1651   FOR-peru-05
Poland Compilation of Births from Select Families from the Baptismal Records of Gora (Znin) Poznania, Poland 1853 - 1881 David Philip Wilson FOR-pol-08
Poland Compilation of Marriages & Deaths for Select Families from the Sacramental Records of Gora (Znin) Parish, Poznania, Poland David Philip Wilson, compiler FOR-pol-14
Poland History of Poland O. Halecki FOR-pol-03
Poland Misc. Polish Research Polish Genealogical Society of California FOR-pol-13
Poland Pedigree Charts Polish Genealogy of Wisconsin 1996 Polish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin FOR-pol-10
Poland Poles and Russians in the 1870 Census of New York, Poland Marlene Silverman FOR-pol-09
Poland Polish and Proud - Tracing Your Polish Ancestry Jan and Len Ghaginski FOR-pol-11
Poland Polish Family Tree Surnames Thaddeus J. Obal FOR-pol-04
Poland Polish genealogy & heraldry, an introduction to research Janina W. Hoskins FOR-pol-15
Poland Polish Roots Rosemary A. Chorzempa FOR-pol-02
Poland Resources for Polish-American and Polish-Canadian Research Edward Reimer Brandt FOR-pol-12
Poland Students Guide to Polish American Genealogy Carl Sokdnicki Rollyson FOR-pol-01
Poland Study of Obits as a Source for Polish Genealogical Research Thomas E. Golembiewski FOR-pol-06
Poland Ten Select Polish Emigrant Families From Poznania to America David Philip Wilson FOR-pol-07
Poland Where Once They Toiled, Poland Edward Reimer Brandt FOR-pol-05
Polynesia Genealogical Handbook, Polynesia 1960   FOR-poly-01
Portugal Anuario Genealogico Latino, Portugal 1949   FOR-por-04
Portugal Os Estudos Linguisticos, Portugal   FOR-por-03
Portugal Portuzuez-Inglez Dictionary, Portugal H. Michaelis FOR-por-01
Portugal Revista Brasileira DeGeografia, Portugal   FOR-por-02
Romania Ordeal - The Story of My Life, Marie Queen of Romania Marie, Queen of Romania FOR-rom-02
Romania The Romanian Americans Arthur Diamond FOR-rom-01
Russia Arhivist, Russia Dubrovniku FOR-rus-21
Russia Crowns and Trenchcoats, Russia David Chavchavadze FOR-rus-10
Russia Daily Life in Russia Henri Troyat FOR-rus-11
Russia East Prussians from Russia Michael J. Alnuta FOR-rus-04
Russia Fodor's Soviet Union Fodor / Fisher FOR-rus-19
Russia Fond 252: Odessa Office for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia (1806, 1807, 1814-1834, 1843, 1850) Guide Lilia Belousova FOR-rus-24
Russia Glossary of Russian Abbreviations - Acronyms Library Of Congress FOR-rus-03
Russia History of Russia Vernadsky FOR-rus-13
Russia History of Russia Walther Kirchner FOR-rus-14
Russia History of Russia and the Soviet Union David MacKenzie and Michael W. Curran FOR-rus-23
Russia Holy Russia Guide to Russian Past and Present Fitzroy Maclean FOR-rus-12
Russia Life Story of a Russian Exile Sukloff FOR-rus-17
Russia Migration from the Russian Empire Volume 1 Jan. 1875-Sept. 1882 Ira A. Glazier FOR-rus-05
Russia Migration from the Russian Empire Volume 2 Oct 1882-April 1886 Ira A. Glazier FOR-rus-06
Russia Migration from the Russian Empire Volume 3 May 1886-Dec 1887 Ira A. Glazier FOR-rus-07
Russia Migration from the Russian Empire Volume 4 Jan. 1888-May 1889 Ira A. Glazier FOR-rus-08
Russia Romanous Russian-English Dictionary A. C. Pomahoba FOR-rus-01
Russia Russia and the Commonwealth, A to Z Andrew Wilson, Nina Bachkatov FOR-rus-25
Russia Russian Prose Konovalov FOR-rus-18
Russia The Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe, Russia R. F. Staar FOR-rus-20
Russia The Grand Dukes, Russia David Chavchavadze FOR-rus-09
Russia The Russian Americans Paul R. Magocsi FOR-rus-02
Russia Through Russia's Backdoor Richard E. Lauterbach FOR-rus-22
Russia Twice Born in Russia Petrova FOR-rus-16
Russia Who's Who in the USSR, 1965-1966   FOR-rus-15
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