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Title Author Call Number
2011 Scottish directory for the Pacific Northwest Foreign SCOTLAND 66
Adventures of Peter Williamson Frances McDonnell FOR-sco-41
Aids to Scottish Research FOR-sco-01
Argyll Colony Plus Volume 8 No. 3 FOR-sco-26
Argyll Colony Plus Volume 9 No. 1 FOR-sco-27
Argyll Colony Plus Volume 9 No. 2 FOR-sco-28
Argyll Colony Plus Volume 9 No. 3 FOR-sco-29
Birth Briefs of Aberdeen - 1637-1705 Frances McDonnell FOR-sco-33
Burgess Roll of Banff and Elgin Frances McDonnell FOR-sco-39
Burgh of Paistery Poll Tax Roll 1695 Frances McDonnell FOR-sco-40
Clan Buchanan Alan McNie, compiler FOR Scotland 60
Clan MacKintosh Alan McNie, compiler FOR-sco-59
Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland FOR-ire-70
Clans and tartans of Scotland Robert Bain FOR-sco-49
Clans and tartans of Scotland R. R. McIan Foreign SCOTLAND 69
Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands Frank Adam FOR-sco-31
Desting of Scotch-Irish H. L Porter FOR-sco-03
Directory of Scots banished to the American plantations, 1650-1775 David Dobson FOR-sco-19
Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America 1625-1825 David Dobson FOR-sco-43
Directory of Scottish Settlers, Volume 1 FOR-sco-21
Directory of Scottish Settlers, Volume 6 FOR-sco-22
Directory of Scottish Settlers, Volume 7 David Dobson FOR-sco-22-1
Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland Frank Smith FOR-sco-09
Great Heroic Families of Scotland Taylor FOR-sco-18
Highland clans & tartans R. W. Munro FOR-sco-50
Highland clans, Sir Iain O'Moncreiffe of that ilk. Rev. ed. FOR Scotland 64
Highland clans, the dynastic origins, chiefs and background of the Clans and of some other families connected with Highland history Iain Moncreiffe, text, and David Hicks, photographs FOR-sco-53
Historical Account of the Settements of Scotch Highlanders in America J. P. McLean FOR-sco-20
History of Scotland J. D. Mackie FOR-sco-12
History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton Volume II - Carrick James Paterson FOR-sco-45
In Search of Scottish Ancestry G. H. Edwards FOR-sco-07
Kinsmen & Clansmen R. W. Munro FOR-sco-48
Later Scots-Irish links, 1725-1825 David Dobson FOR-sco-54
MacDonald, Clan Donald Alan McNie, compiler FOR Scotland 61
Mariners of the Clyde and Western Scotland 1600-1800 David Dobson FOR-sco-36
Mariners of the Lothians 1600-1800 David Dobson FOR-sco-38
Official Tartan map of Tartans approved by Clan Chiefs the Standing Council of Scottish Chiedfs or the Lord Lyon King of Arms John Telfer Dunbar FOR-sco-56
Origin and signification of Scottish surnames with a vocabulary of Christian names Clifford Stanley Sims FOR-sco-52
Register of Testaments Aberdeen - 1715-1800 Frances McDonnell FOR-sco-34
Roll of Apprentices Burgh of Aberdeen 1622-1796 Frances McDonnell FOR-sco-35
Royal House [biography of the Royal Stewarts Eric Linklater Foreign SCOTLAND 65
Scotch-Irish Summit FOR-sco-02
Scotch-Irish, Volume 1 Hanna FOR-sco-04
Scotch-Irish, Volume 2 Hanna FOR-sco-05
Scotland V. B. Boxham FOR-sco-10
Scotland and Her Tartans Alexander Fulton FOR-sco-46
Scotland during the Plantation of Ulster, the people of Dumfries and Galloway, 1600-1699 David Dobson FOR Scotland 63
Scots in Poland, Russia, and the Baltic States 1550-1850 David Dobson FOR-sco-44
Scots in the West Indies 1707-1857 FOR-sco-02.1
Scots Kith and Kin FOR-sco-32
Scots-Irish links, 1575-1725, Part three David Dobson FOR-sco-47
Scottish American Courts Records David Dobson FOR-sco-25
Scottish American Heirs David Dobson FOR-sco-24
Scottish American Wills David Dobson FOR-sco-23
Scottish annals from English chroniclers, A.D. 500 to 1286 [indexed] Alan O. Anderson Foreign SCOTLAND 67
Scottish Family History David Moody FOR-sco-15
Scottish Family History Stuart FOR-sco-17
Scottish highlanders on the eve of the Great Migration, 1727-1775, the people of Argyll David Dobson FOR-sco-57
Scottish highlanders on the eve of the Great Migration, 1727-1775, the people of Highland Perthshire David Dobson FOR-sco-58
Scottish Local History David Moody FOR-sco-11
Scottish parish records, West Lothian, Midlothian CD-MISC-26
Scottish Place Names FOR-sco-16
Scottish Roots Jarnes FOR-sco-08
Scottish Seafarers 1800-1830 David Dobson FOR-sco-37
Scottish-American heirs,1683-1883 David Dobson Foreign SCOTLAND 68
Surnames of Scotland George F. Black FOR-sco-55
Tartan for Me Philip D. Smith FOR-sco-42
Tartans Christian Hesketh FOR-sco-51
Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, Volume 1 Samuel Lewis FOR-sco-13
Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, Volume 2 Samuel Lewis FOR-sco-14
Tours in Scotland, 1747, 1750, 1760 Richard Pococke Foreign Scotland 62
Tracing Ancestors in Shetland Sundison FOR-sco-30
Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry K. B. Cory FOR-sco-06
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