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Spain to Yugoslavia

Country/Region Title Author Call Number
Scandinavian Scandinavian genealogical research. Volume 1: Danish-Norwegian language guide and dictionary Finn A.Thomsen FOR-scan-02
Scandinavian Student's guide to Scandinavian American genealogy Lisa Olson Paddock, Carl Sokolnicki Rollyson FOR-scan-01
Spain Anglo-Americans in Spanish Archives Lawrence H. Feldman FOR-spa-06
Spain El Libro De Barajas - De La Catedral DeLa Habana, Spain FOR-spa-04
Spain Guia DeLa Iglishia En Mallorca 1972, Spain FOR-spa-01
Spain Hojas de Servicios de America, Spain FOR-spa-05
Spain Indice Nobiliario Espanol, Spain FOR-spa-03
Spain Monografia de los Motejos, Spain FOR-spa-02
Sweden Beginner's guide to Swedish genealogical research Finn A.Thomsen, compiler FOR-swe-01.5
Sweden Beginning Swedish Research Carlberg FOR-swe-01
Sweden Cradled in Sweden, A Practical Help to Genealogical Research in Swedish Records Carl-Erik Johansson FOR-swe-04
Sweden Feast Day Calendar for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland Bukke and Thomsen FOR-swe-18
Sweden Laroboh Faderneslandets Historia, Sweden F. Uppland FOR-swe-16
Sweden McKay's modern English Swedish dictionary Ruben Nojd, Margareta Angstrom Foreign SWEDEN 21
Sweden ORTNAMEN 1 Al Vsborgs Lan, Sweden V. F. Harad FOR-swe-20
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 1, Sweden FOR-swe-06
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 10, Sweden FOR-swe-12
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 12 - 13, Sweden FOR-swe-13
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 15, Sweden FOR-swe-14
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 6, Sweden FOR-swe-07
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 7 part 1, Sweden FOR-swe-08
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 7 part 2, Sweden FOR-swe-09
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 9 part 1, Sweden FOR-swe-10
Sweden ORTNAMNEN -- ALVSBORGS Volume 9 part 2, Sweden FOR-swe-11
Sweden Peersonalhistorisk Tidskrift, Sweden FOR-swe-17
Sweden Register for Slakt-och Hembygdsforskare, Sweden C. E. Johansson and S. Radahl FOR-swe-19
Sweden SANGARFARDEN Till Sverige AR 1910, Sweden Victor Nilsson FOR-swe-15
Sweden Signs of Swedish Roots in America FOR-swe-05
Sweden Swedish Genealogical Research FOR-swe-02
Sweden Tracing your Swedish Ancestry Nils William Olsson FOR-swe-02.5
Switzerland Bernese Anabaptists and their American descendants Delbert L. Gratz FOREIGN Switze 06
Switzerland Century of Emigration from Affoltern AM ALBIS Canton Zurich, Switzerland Annette K. Burgert FOR-swi-03
Switzerland European history of the Swiss Mennonites from Voihynia Martin H. Schrag Foreign Switze 07
Switzerland Handy Guide to Swiss Genealogical Records Jared H. Suess FOR-swi-01
Switzerland Research Aids for Switzerland FOR-swi-02
Switzerland The Almis in Switzerland and other European Countries Betty Milter FOR-swi-04
Switzerland Was Isch Dini Nahme - What Is Your Name Delbert L. Gratz FOR-swi-05
Virgin Islands St. Thomas 1803 - Crossroads of the Diaspora FOR-vi-02
Virgin Islands Virgin Island Exodus David Knight FOR-vi-01
Wales Anglesey, Wales - A Research Reference W. A. Rowlands FOR-wal-03
Wales Annals and Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales, Volume 1 Thomas Nicholas FOR-wal-08
Wales Annals and Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales, Volume 2 Thomas Nicholas FOR-wal-09
Wales Beginning Welsh Research 1993 Annie Lloyd FOR-wal-04
Wales Beginning Welsh Research 1996 Annie Lloyd FOR-wal-05
Wales Genealogical atlas of England and Wales, compiled from original maps David E. Gardner, Derek Harland, Frank Smith See FOR-eng-124
Wales Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Volume 1 Gardner and Smith FOR-wal-01
Wales Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Volume 3 Smith and Gardner FOR-wal-02
Wales How to Plan a Research Trip to Wales Annie Lloyd FOR-wal-06
Wales In Search of Welsh Ancestry G. Hamilton-Edwards FOR-wal-07
Wales The Cymry of '76, Wales Alex Jones, M. D. FOR-wal-11
Wales The Family Tree Detective - Tracing Your Ancestors in England and Wales Colin D. Rogers FOR-wal-00
Wales The Matter of Wales Jan Morris FOR-wal-12
Wales Trafodion - Cymdeithas Hanes Bedyddwyr Cymru, Wales B. G. Owens FOR-wal-14
Wales Welsh Family History - A Guide to Research John Rowlands FOR-wal-10
Wales Welsh Place Names John Jones FOR-wal-13
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Muriel Heppell, Frank B. Singleton Foreign YUGOSLAV 01
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