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New Mexico

County Title Author Call Number
Genealogical resources in New Mexico. 2d ed. Karen Stein Daniel NM 05
History, Vol III Lewis Historical Society NM 01
New Mexico, A Guide to the Colorful State Joseph Miller NM 02
Preliminary Inventory of the Records of US District Court Tom Wiltsey NM 03
Spanish and Mexican censuses of New Mexico, 1750 to 1830 Virginia Landham Olmsted, compiler NM 04
Curry Family maps of Curry county, New Mexico, with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more NM Curry 01 MAPS
McKinley Rehoboth Cemetery, McKinley County Tom Bomboci NM mck 02
McKinley Thoreau Cemetery, McKinley County Tom Bomboci NM mck 01
San Juan Cemeteries 1991 Historic Research Committee NM sj 05
San Juan Cemeteries Vol Addendum 1986 Ouida Davis Steward NM sj 03
San Juan Cemeteries Vol I 1984 Ouida Davis Steward NM sj 01
San Juan Cemeteries Vol II 1984 Dolores Glass and Margaret Mathers NM sj 02
San Juan Marriage Records, Early 1887-1912 Carlene Trouth NM sj 04
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