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County Title Author Call Number
Fort Laramie and the Forty-Niners Merrill J. Mattes WY 04
Fort Laramie National Monument National Park Service WY 05
History and Directory of Laramie City, Wyoming J.H. Triggs WY 06
History of Wyoming, in a series of letters from Charles Miner to his son, William Penn Miner, Esq. Charles Miner WY 07
Inventory of the County Archives of Wyoming WPA WY 01
Inventory of the Records of United States District Court Thomas Wiltsey WY 03
Montana, Idaho, Wyoming Ghost towns Lambert Florin MT 18
Wyoming, A Guide to Its History, Highways, and People WPA WY 02
Johnson Wyoming Derivation of Place Names Grace Raymond Hebard WY jo01
Sheridan Sheridan county heritage book WY Sheridan 01
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