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Obituaries are short notices or articles, generally appearing in newspapers, reporting a person's death. These small insights of the person often contain information about surviving family members, biographical information, or other details about the person's life and death. All of which may be extremely useful to the genealogy enthusiast.

Ruth Moses began an obituary project in the early 1980s; later she gave the files to her cousin Leland Meitzler for the Heritage Quest Research Library, since that time many volunteers of the Library have continued that project and have committed their time to render the existing paper card file into an online database open for public perusal.

In general, the Index focuses on local communities surrounding Sumner, Pierce County, Washington although there is a sprinkling of obituaries from the Seattle Washington area included as well. Dates of the obituaries run from late 1890's to the current date. A unique feature of the HQRL Index is that it includes a significant listing of Sumner Washington Pioneer Residents, those local residents who filled the valley in the late 1800's.

Abbreviation Key
  • AR = Auburn Reporter
  • BLSCH / BLSC Hearld = Bonney Lake / Sumner Courier-Herald
  • Cath New Prog / Catholic NW Progress = Catholic Northwest Progress
  • EEBB = An unknown newspaper, perhaps early Enumclaw or Eatonville, WA
  • Enumclaw CH = Enumclaw Courier-Herald
  • FWN / Fed Way News = Federal Way News
  • News Review / News Review & = News Review & Lakes Observer (Bonney Lake)
  • NR&LO / NRLOBB / Lakes Review = News Review & Lakes Observer (Bonney Lake)
  • PCH / PC Herald / The Herald = Pierce County Herald
  • SPI = Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • ST = Seattle Times
  • SWPR = Sumner Washington Pioneer Residents
  • TMNT = Tacoma Morning News Tribune
  • TNT / TTNT / News Tribune = The Tacoma News Tribune
  • TT = Tacoma Times

Indexer's remarks are included to clarify when needed.

Copyright Notice

The content of this index is owned and copyrighted by the Heritage Quest Research Library (HQRL). You may use the index data for personal or professional family history research as it relates to individual persons. You may NOT republish any significant portion(s) of this index online or otherwise.
Violation of the copyright may result in legal action for injunction, damages or both.

Ordering Obituaries

You may order photo copies of individual obituaries from Heritage Quest Research Library. For $5.00 per person you will receive the following: A photo copy of a clipping from the newspaper which will include the obituary for the person(s) you specify. The photo above is typical of an obituary in our card file.

If your person appears in more than one obituary you will receive copies of those at NO ADDITIONAL COST

Please complete the order form and mail it along with a self addressed stamped envelope to:
Heritage Quest Research Library
Attn: Obituaries
1007 Main St.
Sumner WA 98390-1412

Additional Research Help

If you would like the volunteers at HQRL to do some research for you, see our Research Requests Page.

Contributors, Compilers, Indexing, Proofreading & Processing

Since its inception many HQRL Members have contributed obituaries to this collection, the following have worked diligently to make this index available.

  • Compilers
  • Carol Anderson
  • Marjorie Hoffman
  • Ruth Moses
  • Mae Thomason
  • Ginger Weeks
  • Proofreading
  • Jim Jenkins
  • Indexing
  • Carol Anderson
  • Carolyn Harkness
  • Marjorie Hoffman
  • Jim Jenkins
  • Phyllis Kleist
  • Marilyn Schunke

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