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July 6, 2017 By: Rachel Farley
Background on the Obits section
  Obituaries are short notices or articles, generally appearing in newspapers, reporting a person's death. The notices often contain information about surviving family members, biographical information, or other details about the person's life and death that are useful for the genealogy enthusiast.
  Ruth Moses began an obituary project in the early 1980s; later she gave the files to her cousin, Leland Meitzler, for the Heritage Quest Research Library. Since that time, many volunteers have continued that project to render the existing paper card file into an online data base.
  In general, the index focuses on local communities surrounding Sumner, Pierce County, Washington although there is a sprinkling of obituaries from the Seattle WA area as well. Dates of the obits run from late 1890's to the current date. A unique feature of the HQRL Index is that it includes a significant listing of Sumner WA pioneer residents, those local residents who filled the valley in the late 1800's.
May 30, 2017 By: Rachel Farley
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
The Library of Congess has a project to make all the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps available on-line. Check out which states are now loaded and the ones on their to-do list.
March 3, 2017 By: Rachel Farley
Thanks for helping with DNA seminar!
Thank you to the volunteers that helped in the preparation and presentation of the February 25th DNA Seminar.
It was an amazing day. I could not and would not have done it without YOU! It was a great team effort. HQRL has the best volunteers.
Evelyn - printing flyers and folding them, and the use of the big coffee pot.
Carolyn P. - Your help on Saturday.
Phil - Your help on Saturday and the use of your ice chests.
Linda Johnson - Your help on Saturday with the computer connections and collecting the trash.
Cass for helping me to scout another location and assembling the folders.
Jean, Doug, James, Gordon - for clearing out the books in the classroom. That was hard work!
Gordon also helped with sweeping the floor.
Doug also helped assemble folders.
Jean was like the energizer bunny, helping with anything I needed.
Jean for allowing me to store things on the library shelves.
Jean and Carolyn H. for allowing me to fill your offices with chairs, chairs, and more chairs. I hope I left it as nice as I found it.
Sharon - Hard boiling the eggs (Phil wants to know how she got them so white!), the Keurig coffee pot, the use of the baskets and being a sounding board.
Jo-Anne for being a sounding board and suggestions.
Renae for the ice chest and cold packs.
Sue and Eileen for scrubbing the tables.
Andee for copies, copies, and more copies.
Judy for helping on Saturday.
Nancy for the use of the ice chest.
Carolyn H. for help in $ accounting and the use of your desk, when you were not around.
Patricia helping to size and cut the tablecloths.
Sandy for having the DNA books for sale.
Those volunteers not mentioned held down the fort so others could help!
Thank you. You are the best group ever,
February 20, 2017 By: Rachel Farley
USED Book Sale
Hundreds of used books on sale at very low prices now thru Feb 20th (Presidents day).  All used books marked with red tags are half off the marked price.  We have Genealogy "how-to" books, books on states, books on countries, military books, and more.  We have lots of books for Washington and Virginia. Come in now for a great selection.
Valentines Day Tuesday, February 14th
Come in Valentines day for a free chocolate treat.  Also, you can register for a special Valentine's day basket to be given as a door prize at 4 PM.  You do not have to be present to win.
Presidents day, Monday February 20th,
Open House Free day for non-members.  Use the library and research free on Presidents day.  Members and Non-members can register for a patriotic basket to be given as a door prize at 4 PM. You do not have to be present to win.
February 14, 2017 By: Rachel Farley
ROOTS Tech 2017

The RootsTech annual conference in SLC is full of vendors, speakers, workshops and inspiring information for genealogists. It has just concluded, (Feb. 9-11 in 2017). One of the best parts of this showcase is that you don't have to be there in person to gain a benefit. Many of the speakers and workshops were live streamed via the internet, and will be archived for you to watch at your convenience. I highly recommend that you explore their offerings, the presenters are top notch. - Editor

January 29, 2017 By: Rachel Farley
Beginning Gen class...very successful
Yesterday's class was quite an experience. 14 people were registered and 22 attended. This is amazing for a Beginner's class. Let's work together to keep their interest.
Some people attended from the newspaper posting. So thank you to Sue Perrault for finally getting this under way. We are still working out the kinks, but the newspaper gave me some suggestions for better coverage, which we are implementing.
Phil had a well-deserved day off, so three volunteers stepped in at various times and covered his shift. They were busy. I love the beat of the library when it is active like it was on Saturday.
Thank you John Gillem for doing the "grunt" work i.e. emptying trash etc. I appreciated it, especially since I did not have to do it and it allowed me to spend my time on something else. 
Thank you Linda Johnson. Linda was an all around busy bee helping, and especially at the last minute when we need more copies. 
Nancy Thaut helped all around, but I was especially happy for her assistance when a couple asked me for specific help. I was able to pass them on to Nancy freeing me to assist others.
Last but not least is our ever faithful Saturday volunteer, Judy Line. She is relatively new to our library, but does not hesitate to contribute. I think this crowd was an experience for her. A good experience.
I was proud to see the volunteers working together to make the day a success.
Due to all their good work, I was able to go home relaxed and enjoyed my evening.
What a great team we made.
Thank you for your help. It was appreciated.  Dee